2018 Equestrian Queensland Leaderboard

About the EQ Leaderboard

This is an initiative of Equestrian Queensland (EQ) to encourage participation of grassroots level riders and to increase support of participation level classes and EQ Affiliated Clubs in the disciplines of Dressage, Jumping & Eventing.

This is a fantastic opportunity for your club members to compete against other members in a relaxed and fun environment!


There are several awards within the EQ Leaderboard:

  • Participant awards for each level within each discipline
  • Inter Club Challenge award: across the disciplines of Dressage, Jumping and Eventing to recognise the club that has had club members participating across all disciplines in the participant leaderboard

 Current Overall Standings 

 Dressage  Jumping  Eventing
 Preparatory  60cm  Pre-Intro
 Preliminary  80cm  Introductory
Novice 1m  

Eligible Events

Click on each discipline below for the full list of eligible events. Additional events may be added throughout the year.

Dressage Competitions Jumping Competitions Eventing Competitions

Interclub Challenge

 Confirm your details for the 2018 EQ LEADERBOARD and INTERCLUB CHALLENGE HERE

Alternatively you can email the following EQ Leaderboard Confirmation Form to [email protected].

EQ Leaderboard Confirmation.docx

EQ Leaderboard Criteria & Eligibility Information


Previous Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Leaderboard!

2017 Club Leaderboard 2017 Dressage Leaderboard 2017 Eventing Leaderboard

2017 Inter Club Challenge 

If you have any questions about the EQ Leaderboard please email [email protected].