Ready Set Trot

Ready Set Trot is a junior participation program for children with an interest in horses but don’t have one of their own. Ready Set Trot aims to introduce young people to horses and provide them with a better understanding of horsemanship in a fun and exciting way – regardless if they have access to a horse or not. Ready Set Trot will teach the fundamentals of horsemanship, introduce young people to the many various areas of the horse industry and aims to instill in them a lifelong passion for horses.

Ready Set Trot consists of two types of program – Ready Set Trot- Playground Skills and Ready Set Trot- Stable Skills.

Ready Set Trot- Playground Skills – provides young people with an introduction to horses through a series of free games and activities. It is the most accessible way to dip a hoof into the horse world and has been designed especially for school teachers, after-school carers, parents and club coaches. Ready Set Trot - Playground Skills requires minimal resources so it can be delivered anywhere, anytime. By using the imagination of children to link horses to everyday play, children are acquainted with a basic understanding of the horse world. 

Ready Set Trot- Stable Skills – introduces children to the fundamentals of horsemanship and the basic elements of horse riding. The group program features 16 hours of coaching split over a series of sessions delivered by a local accredited delivery centre. The sessions provide participants with the opportunity to learn about basic horse welfare and the fundamentals of horse riding. Ready Set Trot - Stable Skills is the perfect opportunity for horse mad kids to get involved in the horse world. 

Ready Set Trot accredited delivery centres may include clubs, riding centres, coaches or schools and are accredited by EA to deliver the Ready Set Trot programs. Ready Set Trot delivery centres are thoroughly inspected and monitored to ensure the program is delivered safely to all participants

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