Renew Your Membership

Equestrian Queensland membership renewal notices are dispatched annually in late November.

Member Benefits

If you did not receive your renewal notice and have changed your email or postal address during the year you may need to contact the EQ office to ensure we have your current contact details.

 As Equestrian Queensland runs a calendar year membership, to ensure you insurance remains current please ensure you renew your membership prior to the 31st of December.

 There are two ways to renew your membership:

  1. Online and through MyEA - you will need your member number and password which was provided on your renewal notice
  2. Return the hard copy renewal notice and payment [details] to the EQ office

In special circumstances, memberships can be processed over the phone.  

Once your membership has been processed your new membership card will be emailed to you. Don’t forget to print a copy to take with you to events.

 MyEA Renew Online  Membership Categories

Top tips for a pain free renewal

  1. If you are a current member or have been a member of EQ  in the past, please ensure that you are renewing your membership not joining as a new member. (EA numbers are allocated once and are reactivated upon renewal)
  2. During the renewal process please ensure that your contact details, particularly email addresses, are correct
  3. Ensure that you provide your mailing address if it is different from your residential address
  4. Check that all horses for which you are the PRIMARY REGISTERED owner are listed on your profile with the correct status (active, retired, sold etc). If any changes need to be made (if you have gelded your stallion etc.) please contact the office to advise.
  5. Ensure that you circle/tick the competition licences that you will be needing for each horse in the new membership year. (Eventing cards are not issued). Licences will only be issued to horses that have microchips on record and all listed owners must be current members, before licences can be processed.