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On 21 December 2001, as a result of the amendments made by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 to the Privacy Act 1988 private sector organisations must now develop a compliance program for the protection of personal information. The definitions of a private sector organisation includes incorporated associations, and so includes Equestrian Queensland.

The Act provides protection for "personal information", which is understood as information or an opinion which can identify a person. It applies to recorded information, including information recorded electronically. Special rules apply to "sensitive information", and refer to types of information or opinions about a person considered sensitive, eg. race, beliefs, memberships, sexual behaviour and criminal records.


The Act requires organisations to comply with "National Privacy Principles" or an approved privacy code (an organisation can apply to the Privacy Commissioner for approval of its own code).

The National Privacy Principles provide minimum standards for the collection, use, disclosure and storage of personal information, and the rights of individuals to access and correct that information.

The National Privacy Principles provide guidance in dealing with personal information:

1. Collection;
2. Use and disclosure;
3. Data quality;
4. Data security;
5. Openness;
6. Access and correction;
7. Indentifiers;
8. Anonymity;
9. Transborder data flows;
10. Sensitive information.



Equestian Queensland is committed to the protection of personal information. Our commitment is based on an adherence to the National Privacy Principles.

1. Collection

Equestrian Queensland collects a minimum of personal information from a prospective member, such as their name, equestrian interests, contact details and date of birth.

Equestrian Queensland also collects medical information from individuals seeking selection as a representative individual of the State Branch. This information usually concerns emergency contacts and health care details.

2. Use and Disclosure of Your Information

The primary purpose for the collection of personal information is to enable Equestrian Queensland to perform its functions and activities and to keep our members informed of issues relating to the sport and associated events. An accurate record of its members is essential for this purpose.

Medical information obtained by Equestrian Queensland is maintained solely by the Branch's Privacy Officer for the purpose of ensuring an individuals safety if injured in competition while representing the Branch.

Individuals' medical information will at all times remain protected and will be released only to designated medical practitioners if the individual is injured in competition while representing the Branch.

An individual has the right to refuse consent for the use of the collected medical information. An individual also has the right to refuse to supply the information. If an individual refuses to provide the requested medical information or not consent to the use of that information in the case of injury or other medical emergency, then Equestrian Queensland will not assume any liability for any resulting action or disability that the individual may suffer as a result of his or her refusal.

3. Access to Personal Information

Equestrian Queensland will use its best endeavours to ensure that the information it obtains is accurate, complete and current. An individual may access or change information that the Branch has collected by placing a request in writing and sending the request to the:

Privacy Officer
Equestrian Queensland
PO Box 1358

Please allow 14 days for your request to be processed.

4. Data Security

Equestrian Queensland will endeavour to take all reasonable steps to keep secure any information held about an individual. Equestrian Queensland has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under its control.

5. Complaint

If an individual considers that his or her privacy has been breached, a complaint may be made to our Privacy Officer at the above address. If the aggrieved person considers that the issue has not been resolved within an appropriate time frame, recourse may be made to the Federal Privacy Commissioner.

Further information on your rights & full details of the National Privacy Principles can be found at www.privacy.gov.au

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