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Interschool Rules and Guidelines


The National Interschool Rules are to be read in conjunction with the EA General Regulations and other EA policies and by-laws available on this site: Equestrian Australia

Interschool operates under the rules and guidelines of the disciplines of Dressage, Jumping, Eventing and, at State events, Show Horse. The National Sport Rules are to be followed by all affiliated organisations conducting Interschool events. The Interschool rulebook is concerned with the regulations governing Interschool events at National Championship level, and may be referred to for guidance in the absence of State guidelines, or where the National Sport Rules for each discipline are not definitive.

Interschool Rules

National Interschool Rules  2013

National Interschool Rules 2012

Horse Inspections - At Australian Interschool Championships


Sport Rules - Interschool Events


National Dressage Rules 2013


National Eventing Rules 2012

National  Combined Training Rules


National Jumping Rules 2012

Show Rider & Show Horse

NationalShow Horse Rules

 Showman & Interschool Challenge

National Interschool Showman Rules 2012

Showman Dressage Tests

Preliminary S1

Preliminary S2

Novice S3

Sugested Primary Workout - Showman

Suggested Senior Workout - Showman


 National Interschool Challenge Rules 2012

Interschool Challenge - Guidelines for Judges and Competitors

Suggested Primary Workout - Interschool Challenge

Suggested Senior Workout - Interschool Challenge


2011 Rules

National Interschool Rules 2011


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