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Following the 2012 changes to the FEI Vaulting rules the National Vaulting Committee (NVC) put together a small working group to undertake a full review of the Australian Vaulting Rules. They consulted with Vaulters, Coaches and Officials to create a draft and the draft was presented to the National Committee at their August meeting 2012. Following approval from the NVC National Vaulting Rules are now available to view below. The rules will take effect from 01 January 2013. A review of these rules will be undertaken in July 2013.
The Vaulting Judges Group  - Structure and Roles
The judges group is a loosely structured group consisting of all active Vaulting judges in Australia. One judge per year is nominated as the judge communicator, this position is designed to filter information to and from the rest of the group, however to date there has been limited success in developing this role. The main contact email for this group is vaultingjudgesaustralia@gmail.com
The main activity of the group is a forum held annually and rotating between hosting states. Participation in the forum is mandatory at least once every two years in order to maintain judge accreditation. The forum is an opportunity to share key learnings, discuss priorities within the sport, and to 'tune' each other's scoring and judging techniques in an effort to encourage consistency.
The next Judges forum is being held in February 2013, in Sydney.
Within the main group there is a judge’s assessor/mentor sub group. These judges are responsible for the training and development of new judges through the judge's curriculum and assessment processes set by EA. As these judges are also the most senior, they also act as mentors and guides to newer judges.
Over the past 12 months, a subcommittee has been reviewing the alignment of the Australian Vaulting Rules with the latest edition of the FEI rules and guidelines. A revised Australian Vaulting Rules was developed for review and endorsement of the NVC late in 2012. 
2014 Vaulting Rules clean version (as at 1st July 2014)
2014 Vaulting Rules marked version (as of 1 July 2014)
Vaulting Rule Book Changes Summary for 1st July 2014
2013 Vaulting Rules Marked Version (as of 1 July 2013)
Description and Guidelines Preliminary and PreNovice
Scoring System
Score Sheets
2010 Vaulting Rules
2008 Vaulting Rules
2009 Rule Amendments
FEI Vaulting Rules - updated Feb 2010
Selection policy 2010 WEG

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