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In order to compete in Interschool Equestrian competition you must complete the following;
  •       Each rider must hold a current Junior Membership with Equestrian Queensland
- Cost is $210 for the year (or $125 for Junior Regional Membership -areas north of
Rockhampton and west of Roma)
       - For Existing Members & New Members– membership must be completed online via Equnect
- See section 3.2 of the Interschool Equestrian Handbook 2011
  •        Each school must be a current Registered School within Equestrian Queensland
- Cost $55 per year
- For Existing Schools – membership renewal forms are sent out to members before the
renewal period
- For New Schools - please fill out the ‘New Interschool Application Form’ found on the
‘Interschool’ section of the Equestrian Queensland website under ‘Interschool Forms’
- See section 3.1 of the Interschool Equestrian Handbook 2011
Note: To register with Equestrian Queensland you are required to send in a copy of your insurance certificate if you wish to run Interschool events. 
  •        Each school is required to register a uniform that their riders wear at all Interschool events
         - For Existing Schools – renewal of the schools uniform is found on the renewal form and must
be completed each year  
-  For New Schools – uniform registration is found on the ‘New Interschool Application Form’
 -  See section 3.2.2 of the Interschool Equestrian Handbook 2011  
  •        Each horse rider combination must register for a unique IQ ID number every year
 - This number is to identify each Horse/Rider combination for Interschool Equestrian
                  Events only. This is different to Equestrian Queensland horse registration
- There is no cost for IQ ID numbers
- For Existing Horse/Rider ID – This number must be renewed at the beginning of each
                  year by filling out the ‘Interschool Horse Registration Form
- For New Horse/Rider ID - please fill out the ‘Interschool Horse Registration Form’ found on
                        the ‘Interschool ‘section of the Equestrian Queensland website under ‘Forms’
-See section 3.2.1 of the Interschool Equestrian Handbook 2011
  •        Each Rider intending to compete in Eventing competition must complete an Eventing Assessment
 - An Eventing Assessment must be completed with a current EA NCAS Qualified coach Level 1 or higher. The ‘Interschool Eventing Assessment Form’ is found on the Equestrian Queensland  website under ‘Forms’
Note:  If the office has not received this form prior to competition you CANNOT COMPETE
All Forms to be returned to:
                                Equestrian Queensland
                                PO Box 1358
                                COORPAROO DC
                                QLD        4102
                                Phone: 3891 6611
                                Fax: 3891 3088
or emailed to katherine@efaq.com.au



Supporters & Sponsors

The Queensland Government provided $216,000 to
Equestrian Queensland under the
Industry Development Program
to get more Queenslanders
active through sport and recreation.