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Pilot Clubs

Caboolture Dressage Group have been holding entry level classes, RDA classes and para equestrian classes for quite some time now in conjunction with their Associate events.  To see what CDG are currently up to you can view their website on


CDG have a PE Representative, Ingrid Bayly who can be contacted on 07 3889 0230 or alternatively, send her an email at ingridbayly@live.com.


Fig Tree Pocket will hold their first para equestrian event on Sunday 31 July.  Enquiries can be directed to Deb Postle on russandeb@acenet.net.au .  Nomination form can be found on nominate.com closer to the event.


Interschool Queensland have been playing a major part in the program offering entry level para equestrian classes to interschool riders that have been currently riding mainstream dressage.  Classes have been held at SEQ Regionals, Darling Downs Regional and at the Interschool Championships to be held on 1-3 July at Maryborough.  Please contact Sue Austin on asaustin@bigpond.com should you have any queries. Good luck to those riders competing in Maryborough next week.


We would like to take this opportunity of thanking our Pilot Clubs and Partners for their support.



Supporters & Sponsors

The Queensland Government provided $216,000 to
Equestrian Queensland under the
Industry Development Program
to get more Queenslanders
active through sport and recreation.