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2012 National Interschool Championships

2nd to 5th October

Toowoomba Showgrounds, QLD

Winner of the ' Win a DRB Horse Float'
Congratulations to the winner of the Interschool Queensland ‘Win a DRB Horse Float’, drawn on Friday 5 Ocotober! The winner was Tyson Purcell of the Sunshine Coast, Qld. The winning raffle ticket was 01102. Thank you to Oz Shots for this photo. To view more photos from the Interschool Nationals visit their website www.ozshotz.com.au/

Interschool Nationals

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Newspaper Articles - if anyone has any newspaper articles from this event please email them in to me at katherine@efaq.com.au.

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 - QLD claims interschool title

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- Scots PGC students shine at equestrian champs

2012 National Interschool Championship Sponsors

Please click here to view the sponsors of the 2012 National Interschool Championships. Please take the time to visit their tradestands at the competition and thank them.

Final Draw

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Final Program

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Rider Handbook

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Final Draw


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Interschool Challenge and Showman Workouts

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Primary IC Workout CLICK HERE

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Secondary IC Workout Portrait CLICK HERE


QLD Stabling

Dear Team

I apologise for the delay in contacting you but the stabling plan and construction only happened yesterday afternoon.  Madonna Bell kindly checked it for me last night to ensure all was as per the plan and any safety issues were identified.  We have advised the showgrounds of those issues which should be rectified today/tomorrow.
In a nutshell we have been allocated 120 stables/yard which are all undercover and we have 114 horses attending.  The breakdown is:-
32    6 bar yards 4.8 x 4.8m
48    3 x 3 enclosed stables
40    2.4 x 3 enclosed stables
From the map the yards are along the western side and part of the south east and most stables run through the centre of the complex with half of the smaller boxes on the north-eastern side.
I will be allocating them based on the size of the horse unless there is a safety issue such as a horse that casts in yards being allocated a stable. This means that there will be no swapping of stables unless it is approved by me and the team manager as this is a biosecurity requirement of the competition. It may not be possible in all cases to group horses from the same family or discipline together however, as all our horses will be in the same building, all will be close by.
The stables will be tagged with your name on Saturday morning ready for your arrival and a stable map and allocation will be put up on the front of the beef office. I will be on the grounds from about 9.30am and can be contacted on 0413183546.  If you are allocated a yard you may wish to bring hessian which can be secured with zip locks. It will need to be removed of course when you leave.
I realise we all want our horses to be at their best and some people have concerns about smaller stables but this size stable is what is provided at most of the highest level competitions so it is a matter of managing to takehorses out of their stables at regular intervals to walk and pick as well as regular ridden exercise.
Can I recommend that you all bring a named rake and if possible a wheel barrow or container that you can use to move sawdust into and out of your stables as well as the usual stable waste.  There is a designated manure pit on the northern end of the stables so that all waste is taken directly there as waste MUST NOT be left in the alleyways.
Please ensure that all gear and feed is away from the front of your stables as it is the walkway and must be safe for people and horses to move around. There will be a few spare stables that we can use to store feed or other cleaning equipment.  Absolutely no bikes in the pavilion please.
I am keen to make this National experience for our riders a positive one so please keep in mind that as officials, organisers and parents we are doing our best for everyone and that sometimes things aren't perfect.  We do not want unacceptable behaviour to marr this competition experience for children, parents or volunteers.  Every rider and their family that has accepted a position in the Qld team has agreed to abide by the EA codes of conduct and I ask that you keep this in mind in all your interactions during the competition - after all we are the host state and we have a great bunch of kids forwhom we are setting an example!!
Let me know if you have any questions or queries on the stabling. Please do not contact the Event stabling and camping convenors direct as all communication must go through myself or the Team Manager.  My contact details are below and an email or text until Friday is best as I am still juggling work commitments with national duties.
kind regards
0413 183546


Education Component

 Dear IQ Team Members,

Ben Harris, EA National Education Manager, has requested the following information for the coming National Interschool Championships.

Ben is seeking the names and contact details of any coaches who are be going to be in attendance at the championships, especially SSTA's or Coach Educators. He is hoping to be able to offer a number of sessions where the riders can be assessed on riding or horse management assessment components as part of the intro riding or horse management certificates while riders are at the event.

Any information on coaches attending would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Ben direct:

Ben Harris, National Education Manager, Equestrian Australia, National Office, Ph: (02) 8762 7777, ben.harris@equestrian.org.au


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Nationals T Shirt, Cap and Hoodie Order form

CLICK HERE to view the form

If you would rather collect your shirt from the event, please note this on the order form. Closing date for orders is the 14 September. No late orders will be processed! Shirts are ordered directly from the supplier not through the EQ Office or committee.



 DPI Information - tick spraying, way bills etc

 For those who have not yet sorted out their Waybills/Travel Permits. Please see the simplified version from Vern Doyle. I would like to say thank you to Leslee Jackwitz who provided me with this contact.

“Most competitors where leaving on Monday and returning home on late Friday and some on Saturday. Because the horses are going to a schedule event in the Cattle Tick Free area and returning home within 5 days - To work out your 5 days under the Interpretation Act. The time starts from midnight on the day you leave the Catttle Tick Infected Area.
For horses moving to the Cattle Tick Free and Controlled Area's in Queensland;
    • Going to a competition and returning home within 5 days - require a Queensland Travel Permit and a Queensland Move Easy Waybill. They do not need to stop at a clearing facility for an Inspection or treatment. This permit can be arranged by calling 132523
    • Going to a competition and staying longer than 5 days but returning home within 15 days - require a Queensland Travel Permit and a Queensland Move Easy Waybill. They do need to stop at a clearing facility for an Inspection only. This permit can be arranged by calling 132523 Also this number is able to give you the contact details of the Clearing Centre facilities.
    • All other movements to the Cattle Tick Free and Controlled Area - require a Queensland Move Easy Waybill and a Cattle Tick Declaration Form. They do need to stop at a clearing facility for an Inspection and spray. Calling 132523 for the contact details of the Clearing Centre facilities.”

Hendra Information

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Nationals Update 1 Aug

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QLD Team Uniform Information

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NIEC Official Dinner Menu

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Pool Horse Information

Are you interested in offering your horse/pony as a Pool Horse?CLICK HERE to view more details.


State Nomination Form

State Managers CLICK HERE to access the State Nomination Form

2012 National Program

CLICK HERE to view the National Program - A final program will be provided closer to the event with the names of all officials and the full detail on bio security requirements.

 Nationals Update No 1 - 6 July

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Supporters & Sponsors

The Queensland Government provided $216,000 to
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