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Amendments to the hind leg protection rules for jumping

FEI Hind Leg boots
Mandy Stephens, National Office, Friday, 21 September 2012

The National Jumping Committee have made amendments to the saddlery rule, Article 257.2.4, effective immediately.

The welfare of the horse should be kept in mind when interpreting this rule. It was implemented to eliminate the use of ‘kick up’ boots.

The amendments to Article 257.2.4, which are effective immediately, are highlighted in red or strikethrough below:
For all young horse competitions and D grade/ 1.15m and under classes, all hind leg protections must have a maximum interior length of 16 cm and minimum exterior width of 5 cm. Boots with the capacity to be tensioned are not allowed.
The following criteria must be respected:
  • The inside of the protection must be smooth; the fixations must be non-elastic Velcro; no hooks or straps may be used;
  • The rounded rigid part of the protection must be placed around the inside of the fetlock;
  • No additional elements may be used under the boot in conjunction with the protection.
The following Q’s and A’s have been written to help clarify the criteria listed in the rule.
Q: Does this rule apply to horses jumping in all levels of competition?
A: No it only applied to horses competing young horse classes as well as D grade/1.15m and under classes.
Q: Does this mean lamb’s wool is NOT allowed on the inside of boots? 
A: No, lamb’s wool is acceptable
Q: Where the criteria states “the inside of the protection must be smooth”, does this refer to the part of the boot that touches the horses leg or the side of the boot that faces towards the inside of the horse?
A: It refers to the part of the boot that touches the horses leg. There must be no protrusions inside the boot.
Q: What “additional elements” is the rule referring to?
A: An example of additional elements would be bandages, when worn underneath boots to reduce rubbing as a result of a boot being fitted too tightly. Fetlock rings are acceptable.

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