There are many grants available to clubs, sporting committees and individuals, however it can sometimes be hard to know where to begin looking!

Below we have compiled a list of some available grants and websites that you might want to check regularly to see what grants are available, and have also listed some specific grants that you may be eligible to apply for.

EQ Clubs
EA Coaches & EA Officials
  • EQ Sports Development Program 2 is open to EA Coaches and Officials who are upgrading their qualification within the sport. CLICK HERE for the 2018 Application froms and criteria. 
EQ Sports Committees
  • EQ Sports Development Program 3 is open to all 7 EQ Sport Committees and aims to assist in Officials development. CLICK HERE for 2018 criteria and application forms.
  • EQ International Competition Funding Program (Program 5) is open to DQ, EvQ & SJ for the running on International level competitions. CLICK HERE for the 2018 Criteria   CLICK HERE for the 2018 Funding Acquittal Forms
  • EQ High Performance Funding Program (open to DQ, SJ and EvQ only). CLICK HERE for 2018 Criteria and application/Acquittal forms
EQ Members
EA International Competition Development Fund
  •  EA ICDF Funding supports projects and events that clearly fall into the 'international competition' category or can be demonstrated to further 'development' of the sport. Applications are currently closed
Other recommended grant websites