Membership Categories

2021 Part-Year Membership Prices 

Competitor  Participant  Recreational  Supporter 

Which Membership is right for me?

2021 Equestrian Queensland Memberships expire on 31 December 2021. 

We are pleased to advise that we will waive our Joining / Lapsed Fee of $50 until advised otherwise. (Applicable to seniors 18+ only) 


Part Year Membership

(Jul - Dec 2021)

M'ship+Lapsed/Joining Fee

(Applicable-seniors 18+ only)

Competitor - Senior        $210  $260
Competitor - Junior* $150  $150 
Participant - Senior $125  $175
Participant - Junior* $110  $110
Recreational - Senior $90  $140
Recreational - Junior* $85  $85
Supporter - Official $115  $165
Supporter - Owner $115  $165
Supporter - Coach $115  $165
Supporter - Other $115  $165

Full Schedule of Fees

Equestrian Queensland operates on a calendar year.
This means that all membership & licences expire on the 31st of December every year.

Forms and Documents

Membership Structure

We recognise that everyone joins our organisation for a different reason and that not everyone intends to compete. 

There are four categories of individual membership; Competitor, Participant, Supporter & Recreational. The biggest difference between these categories and the decision that will govern your choice; is how are you currently involved with your equestrian activities. 

The supporter category is for those that aid in the facilitation of the sport such as coaches, official, owners and administrators. 

The recreational category is for those who enjoy riding a horse for pleasure, riding out or may be a member of an equestrian club. A Recreational member may have had limited association with EQ in the past and could be a member of an equestrian club that is outside of the seven EA disciplines and could participate at events within the closed club environment. 

The participant category is for those riders who wish to compete but prefer to stay at the recreational levels of the sport.

The competitive category is for those riders who wish to compete at the higher levels or wish to qualify for State, National championships or international events as well as being eligible for  State squads. 

Decide which category of membership is best for you.

Junior competitive Members (up to the year their turn 18) are able to apply for the Competitive EA/PCA Dual Junior Membership Refund of $50.00 ($25 for part year). To be eligible for the refund you must be a current member of Pony Club, provide us with your PCA receipt or a copy of your PCA membership card.  We will also require your bank account details, so that a refund can then be processed.  

All membership categories have 24/7 insurance. 

Any person who resides within 100 km of the Queensland border is eligible for Equestrian Queensland membership.

Member Benefits 

Membership Bylaws 

Competition Structure 

In Queensland, Interschool regional events from Rockhampton and north only require an participant junior membership. For the Queensland State Interschools Championships and all other Interschool events in Queensland, they are classified as competitive activities and competitive junior  membership is required for entry.

There are a number of different categories of activities that affiliated clubs can hold. These include:

Closed Events: club activities for club members who may invite EQ members to participate in activities delivered by the club.  This can include competitions, clinics or workshops. 

Participant Events: EQ participant & competitive members may compete at these events in ‘below the line’ classes. No grading points are acquired for horses in these events, and EA horse registration is not required. We encourage all of our members to base register their horses for biosecurity purposes. Many EQ affiliated clubs will hold Club & Participant events, where both club members and EQ participant & competitive members may participate.

Competitive: these are events that attract both grading points or upgrading points for horses. Only EQ Competitive members may enter these classes, horses must be EA life registered, all registered owners of the horse must hold current membership and the horse must have the relevant competition licence, based on the discipline. 

Do I need to Join or Renew my membership?

If you have ever been a member of EA before, it is likely that you will only need to renew your membership, not join. In you are not sure you can contact the EQ office and we will be able to assist you.

If you have been a member before you will be able to renew your membership through your MyEA portal using your existing EA number, as a new member you will Join HERE.

Equestrian Qld Membership runs on a calendar year, so all memberships expire on the 31st of December. 

For further information please consult the FAQ document or contact the EQ office.

Top Tips for a pain free renewal

  1. If you are a current member or have been a member of EQ in the past, please ensure that you are renewing your membership not joining as a new member. (EA numbers are allocated only once and are reactivated upon renewal)
  2. During the renewal process please ensure that your contact details, particularly email addresses, are correct
  3. Ensure that you provide your mailing address if it is different from your residential address
  4. Check that all horses for which you are the PRIMARY REGISTERED owner are listed on your profile with the correct status (active, retired, sold etc). If any changes need to be made (if you have gelded your stallion etc.) please contact the office to advise.
  5. Ensure that you tick the competition licences that you will be needing for each horse in the new membership year. Competition licences will only be issued to horses that have microchips on record and all listed owners are current financial members. Please also be aware that dressage cards cannot be sent if the horse does not have a Dressage Queensland bridle number.

 Frequently Asked Questions