Schedule of Fees

EQ Membership expires on 31 December 2019

(After 31 January 2019 a Joining/Lapsed Fee ($50.00) is applied

*Junior Membership Categories are exempt from this fee)

Membership Category Price (Includes Joining/Lapsed Fee)
Competitor Senior $410
Competitor Junior* $240
Supporter - Officials $220
Supporter - Owners $220
Supporter - Coach $220
Supporter - Other $220
Participant Junior* $160
Participant Senior $240
Recreational Junior* $110
Recreational Senior $170
Full Life Horse Registration $185
Base Horse Registration (Online Only) No fee
Transfer $100
Change of Registered Name $155
Duplicate Registration Certificate $100
EQ Lease Notification $100
Bridle Numbers (for Official Dressage) $30
Sport Affiliate (Schools, Show Society) $100
Sport Affiliate (Breed Society,National Ass.) $190
Commercial Affiliate (Riding Centre, Studs, Event Organisers etc.) $400
Clubs (Discount Table) $270

*Competitive Junior Members (aged 10-18) who are also Pony Club Members, are eligible to apply for the Competitive EA/PCA Dual Junior Membership Refund of $50.00. To receive this refund you must provide the EQ Office with either a copy of your 2019 payment receipt for PCA or your PCA membership card for 2019. We also need to be advised of your bank details for either a direct deposit of the rebate or your credit card details & expiry date if you prefer it refunded back onto your card. The EA/PCA Refund is only available until the close of the membership year, once 2020 Membership opens, the 2019 Refund Program will be closed.