2018 Vaulting Queensland State Squads

Vaulting Queensland are pleased to announce the introduction of a 2018 Vaulting Queensland State Squad.

The primary focus of the Vaulting Queensland State Squad is on developing Queensland athletes toward competition at National and International events such as the Australian Vaulting Championships and Australasian and/or International CVI Events. The program aims to assist athletes to develop further within their current training situations

All State Squad appointments are based on the selection criteria, with interested athletes being required to submit a 'Application of Intention'. Click the links below for more information

Vaulting Queensland State Squad Selection Criteria  Vaulting Queensland State Squad Application of Intention 

 2018 Vaulting Queensland State Squad:

Anna Betts Lily Tamai
Carlee Roberts Lucy Betts
Jazz Heckeroth Melissa Stone
Jean Betts Nicola Barlow
Jerri Dixon Rachel Barlow