Equestrian Queensland are pleased to present the following information and webinars covering a range of topics that are of interest to our members.

Below is a schedule of upcoming webinars and recordings and resources for past webinars.

EQ Club Development Forum - Financial Literacy - October 2021               Forum Replay             
Please contact the EQ Office for a link to this recording
EQ Safety Forum with Meredith Chapman -EA NSM
(April 2021)
              Forum Replay              
EQ Club Development Forum - Good Governance/SDF
(Feburary 2021)
               Forum Replay             
Good Governance Workshop - November 2019

          Good Governance         

        Further Information        

The Power of Positive Doing with Dr Phil Jauncey, Performance Psychologist

            Webinar Replay           

Queensland Horse Welfare Forum -  A Social Licence for Equestrian Sport Presentation - Dr Roly Owers, World Horse Welfare CEO

         Presentation Replay        

The Truths of Social Media Marketing

            Webinar Replay           

Horse Welfare & Medication Control (13 September, 7.30pm)         Further Information        
 Managing & Resolving Conflict (31 August 2017, 7.00pm)  

    Accompanying Handout   

           Webinar Replay          

 Dealing with a Crisis on Social Media (31 August 2016, 7.00pm)  

       Further Information        

           Webinar Replay          

 Rider Fall Safety Training (29 June 2016, 7.00pm)  

      Further Information      

         Webinar Replay         

Biosecurity Update for Horse Owners & Event Organisers (2 June 2016, 6.30pm)

Biosecurity Webinar Replay


Managing Anxiety to Improve Performance (May 2016)

   Anxiety Webinar Replay  


Biosecurity for Event Organisers (October 2015) Biosecurity Webinar Replay