EQ Q & A Educational Series

Welcome to Equestrian Queensland's (EQ) Q&A Educational Series.  The Q&A's were launched in April, 2020 to provide another benefit for members. The series includes a range of presenters (EA Coaches, Elite Riders, Officials, Stewards, Sponsors and Members with equestrian related businesses) introduced on the EQ Community Hub facebook group, social media and the EQ website. EQ Members will have the opportunity to vote on questions via the EQ Community Hub, which each presenter will answer and post a short educational video.  We have been overwelmed with the response already, if you would like to get involved as a presenter please email [email protected]

 EQ Q&A's Presenter
Elizabeth Owens - Equine Nutritionist
"How can you tell if a horse is deficient in a nutrient?"
 Mattea Davidson - Veterinarian & Equine Dentist
"How can you tell if your horse is more sensitive to tongue or bar pressure?"
 Graeme Aitken - Master Saddle Fitter
"How do you identify saddle balance and what could it mean if you are leaning forward or are getting behind the movement?"
 Sara-Jane Seery - Volunteer
"What was it like Volunteering at Tokyo 2020?"
 Darryn Fedrick - Level 2 Coach (Vaulting) & Coach Educator
 ‘How to improve your horse’s carriage, balance and rhythm with lunging’
 Clem Smith - Level 1 Coach (Jumping)
 ‘How to introduce a horse to jumping’’
 Nicole Tough - Level 2 Coach (Dressage)
 ‘Understanding impulsion – how to improve your horses pushing and sitting power without going faster’
 Georgia Taylor - Equine Lawyer
 'Understanding insurance, purchase and sale contracts and agistment contracts'
 Christine Thompson - Equine Body Worker
'Hot to do Dynamic / Static Stretches and information on warming up techniques'
 Brett Cantle - Level 2 Coach (Eventing)
"Where is the best place for a young rider to start?" "Best advice for parents with kids wanting to start Eventing?" "Where do young riders go for mind training? For help controlling their nerves or just to learn how to deal with the mental games some other young riders like to play?"
 Dr Phil Jauncey - Performance Psychologist 
'The Power of Positive Doing'
 Gary Lung - Level 2 Coach (Dressage)
"Exercises for softening the canter please, canter right we struggle with bend flexion and suppleness" "On my test score sheet it said that my horse was swinging his 1/4's out on the circle and that I need to work on suppleness. Can we please have some ideas/exercises for helping with this?"
Geraldine Van Montfrans-Eady - Level 2 Coach & Coach Educator
"My young horse loves to go behind the vertical to evade the contact. What exercises can you suggest to help him seek and go into the contact, even with long and low he prefers to suck back and go behind! I also feel he looses a lot of energy/impulsion when he does this."