Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy

Our Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy sets out the process for resolving complaints arising from a breach of an eligible policy.

Complaints in relation to breaches under the National Integrity Framework will be managed independently by Sport Integrity Australia

Lodging a Complaint


Member Protection Information Officers

Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs) play an important role in clubs and sport. An MPIO is the first point of contact for persons with a member or child protection enquiry or complaint. If you want to discuss a problem at your club or association MPIOs are trained to provide information and impartial advice to.

Should you wish to make a formal complaint, an MPIO will discuss the options available to you and guide you through complaint procedures. Equestrian Queensland has several MPIOs available should you wish to discuss a particular issue. MPIOs are impartial and do not mediate or investigate complaints.

What does a member protection information officer do?

  • Listens and acts as a sounding board
  • Clarifies basic points and concerns
  • Refers to a sport’s member protection or welfare policy and explains what constitutes inappropriate behaviour
  • Explains the complaint process and options available under a sport’s member protection or welfare policy
  • Discusses any relevant laws and the right to complain to external agencies
  • Offers to provide details for counselling or other referrals if appropriate or requested
  • Monitors and follows up the enquiry or complaint

It is important that a member protection information officer:

  • Takes complaints seriously
  • Tackles one issue at a time
  • Doesn’t take sides
  • Maintains confidentiality if possible
  • Provides reassurance about victimisation
  • Keeps notes

Member Protection Policy