EQ Annual Awards Evening

EQ Xmas Celebration Trackside 

4:30pm, Friday 4 December 2020
Ipswich Turf Club


Equestrian Queensland is very proud of the achievements of our members throughout 2020 in what has been a very challenging yet successful year.


On Friday 4 December 2020, EQ will be holding an end of year Christmas celebration at the Ipswich Turf Club to bring everyone together and celebrate the contributions made by our equestrian community in a relaxed and fun environment.

The event will begin at 4:30pm with the last race at the venue running at 5pm. Our cocktail style event will also include a fun ‘Fashions on the Field’ followed by a ‘Happy Hour Drinks’ package between 5-6pm with substantial canape’s and noodle box being provided from 5pm with Discipline Awards and EQ Leaderboard Awards being presented from 6pm.


All attendees are also welcome to arrive at the venue earlier and enjoy the earlier races being held on the day.


We look forward to celebrating with you at the Ipswich Turf Club.






2019 EQ Annual Awards Evening


Recognition of Excellence... 

The Awards Night - The Celebration...

As the premier event on the Equestrian Queensland calendar, the annual Awards Night brings the equestrian community together to celebrate the major achievements of our sports stars and luminaries.

Packaged within an evening of great occasion, this is the night of nights to celebrate with friends, family and acquaintances as we showcase the riders, clubs, volunteers, administrators, officials and events from with all eight sports under the Equestrian Queensland banner... Dressage, Eventing, Jumping, Show Horse, Driving, Vaulting, Show Horse, Interschool and Para Equestrian.

Tickets on sale 

Criteria and Nominations 

All applications will be acknowledged via email, when received as a complete submission including the two images.

• Please assume that your application has NOT been received, until such time as you have received this acknowledgement.
• Late nominations will not be accepted.
• Nominations will be judged by a Panel consisting of at least the:
   - EQ Management
   - a representative from the Board; and 
   - 2 x independent representatives.
• The Panel may consider other supporting information (e.g. competition results) to support applications.

Key dates include:
• Nominations close: 27 November 2019
• Judging: 3 December 2019

• Finalists announced: 4 December 2019
• Award dinner and presentation: Saturday 8 February 2020


Administrator of the Year


Proudly sponsored by Redshed Business Advisors, this award recognises an individual who has made a significant contribution during 2019 to the administration of their equestrian sport or club.  


⭐️ Kay Paulsen ⭐️ Kerri-Lee Ryder ⭐️ Tracey Sexton 
⭐️ Anita Barton ⭐️ Charlotte Price
⭐️ Tracey Sexton 

 Club of the Year


Proudly sponsored by Pryde's EasiFeed, this award recognises an EQ affiliated club that during 2019 fostered participation and engagement at all levels of the sport, showed innovation in administration, skills development, and personal growth for members and provided opportunities for a diverse range of participants as well as a broad community appeal.


⭐️ Tamborine Equestrian Group ⭐️ Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Group 
⭐️ Lockyer Equestrian Group ⭐️ Lockyer Jump Club 
⭐️ Park Ridge Active Riding Group  ⭐️ Caboolture Dressage Group 
⭐️ Toowoomba Jump Club ⭐️ Equestrian Gold Coast Club
⭐️ Lockyer Equestrian Group

Owner of the Year


Proudly sponsored by Brookfield Veterinary Surgery. This award recognises the owner/s (must be an EQ member) who has contributed to the success of equestrian sport by providing horses of the highest quality to riders within the various equestrian disciplines.  These horses have generally competed to an exceptional level during the year either on the State, National, or International stage. 


⭐️ Linda and Graham Huddy ⭐️ Kerry Langbecker ⭐️ Paul and Emma Weel


⭐️ Linda and Graham Huddy

 Coach of the Year 


Proudly sponsored by Marcus Oldham College.  This award recognises an EA registered coach whose dedication and skill has positively influenced both human and equine athletes during 2019.  The EA registered coach will have made a significant contribution to the success of individuals or teams to assist them in achieving outstanding results at the highest level of senior or junior competition.


⭐️ Tarni Woodhead ⭐️ Chloe Hughes ⭐️ Mattea Davidson 
⭐️ Nicole Tough ⭐️ Rebecca Jenkins ⭐️ Dean Morris 
⭐️ Sharyn Ross ⭐️ Victoria Welch
⭐️ Gemma Creighton ⭐️ Thomas Muehlenbeck 
⭐️ Brett Cantle ⭐️ Russell Davidson



⭐️ Victoria Welch

School of the Year

Proudly sponsored by Interschool Queensland, this award recognises an EQ affiliated school that has set itself apart from other schools through its high standard of organisation, governance, community engagement and its resounding success.  This school will have provided opportunities for riders, volunteers, administrators, and officials to develop within and outside the school environment.


⭐️ The Glennie School ⭐️ The Scots PGC College 
⭐️ Somerville House ⭐️ Stuartholme School 
⭐️ Fairholme College ⭐️ West Moreton Anglican College
⭐️ The Scots PGC College 

Best Groom Award


Proudly sponsored by Equine Muscle Matters, this award recognises those all-important, behind-the-scenes team members who work around the clock to ensure that our equine athletes get the best possible care and attention.


⭐️ Kate McPherson ⭐️ Saskia Hind 
⭐️ Macada Roebig ⭐️ Amber Couper
⭐️ Saskia Hind

Official of the Year


Proudly sponsored by CPR Group.  This award recognises an individual who has attained a level of excellence in the field of officiating (ie Course building, technical delegate and/or judging).  


⭐️ David Duffy ⭐️ Melanie Wellsteed ⭐️ Lisa Gall  
⭐️ Kathy Humphrey ⭐️ Hayley Somerset ⭐️ Karen Herald


⭐️ Kathy Humphrey

Against All Odds Award

Proudly sponsored by Buckham and Duffy Consultants.  This award recognises an individual who has pursued their equestrian ambitions despite a disability or extremely difficult personal circumstance.  The category is open to all athletes, regardless of age, who have overcome significant adversity through courage, human spirit, perseverance and resilience to consistently achieve at a high level either at local, State or National level in the past year. 


⭐️ Sandy Pitman


Volunteer of the Year 


Proudly sponsored by Toft Endurance, this award recognises an individual who contributes to the running of equestrian sport and events in Queensland voluntarily.  Administrators, coaches, and officials are not eligible to enter this category. Volunteers foster positive difference in the lives of others through support and encouragement, often with self-sacrifice and without personal gain.


⭐️ Robbie & Sarah Allen ⭐️ Christine Tompkins  
⭐️ Ashley Pryde & Kristy Battista ⭐️ Kathy Humphrey 
⭐️ Andrea & Cameron Osborne ⭐️ Paula Lucas
⭐️ Ashley Pryde & Kristy Battista

Service to Sport 

Proudly sponsored by Finch Farm, this award recognises an individual who, over a number of years, has made an outstanding contribution and commitment to equestrian sport, or the industry as a whole.  The recipient may be anyone who has contributed to the development and excellence of equestrian sports such as an administrator, a volunteer, a competitor, or a coach.


⭐️ Corby Cunnington ⭐️ Toni Harper-Purcell ⭐️ Cindy Coggan 
⭐️ Brett Cantle ⭐️ John Warren ⭐️ Anita Barton 
⭐️ Lea Bierman


⭐️ Lea Bierman 

 Event of the Year 

Proudly sponsored by Aitken's Saddlery, this award recognises an event conducted in Queensland during 2019 that has provided a significant impact on community values, awareness of the sport and/or significant economic benefits.  


⭐️ Aquis Champions Tour
⭐️ Pryde’s Easifeed Gatton World Cup
⭐️ Horseland Ipswich Brenda Wittmann Classic 2*
⭐️ The Glennie Equestrian Interschool Event
⭐️ Steelworks Construction International 3 Day Event & EvQ State Championships
⭐️ Pryde's EasiFeed Show Horse Queensland HOTY


⭐️ Aquis Champions Tour

 Horse of the Year 

Proudly sponsored by Pryde's EasiFeed, this award recognises a horse that has had exceptional performances during the year either on the State, National, or International stage and gains recognition for the sport.


⭐️ Bordershow Waltzing owned by Caitlin Senter
⭐️ Bertone owned by Lauren George Family Trust
⭐️ Davinci L owned by Lauren George Family Trust
⭐️ Alpha Activity owned by Kerry Langbecker
⭐️ Ferragamo owned by Nicole and Colin Tough
⭐️ Cabaret C owned by Kim Tenkate and Caitlin Cullen
⭐️ Thymes Two owned by Matt Gaske
⭐️ Bradgate Park Federer owned by Rebecca Crane


⭐️ Alpha Activity owned by Kerry Langbecker

Junior Sport Star 


Proudly sponsored by Stuartholme School, this award recognises an athlete 18 years of age or less as at 31 December 2019 who has consistently achieved at a high level either at State, National, or International level in the past year.  They will have displayed excellent sportsmanship, as well as putting something back into the sport.


⭐️ Mackenzie Thompson ⭐️ Chris Holland ⭐️ Grace Overton
⭐️ Amilia Schooley ⭐️ Chase Naylor ⭐️ Bronte Raymont
⭐️ Isabella Cross-Winston ⭐️ Jessica Fedrick ⭐️ Maleah Lang-McMahon


⭐️ Amilia Schooley

Rising Star 

Proudly sponsored by Sagacity Consulting.  lThis award recognises an athlete up to the age of 21 years of age as at 31 December 2019. Each of the Equestrian Queensland Sport Committees will nominate athletes that have met the following criteria.  This award is NOT self-nominating.  

In addition to the athlete demonstrating positive qualities to both practice and competition, the following performance criteria must be met:-

Dressage Rising Star

Winner: Mackenzie Boundy 

Eventing Rising Star Finalists 

Brooke Dougall, Amilia Schooley, Lyla Sampson

Winner:  Amilia Schooley

Jumping Rising Star Finalists 

Chris Holland, Maleah Lang-McMahon

Winner: Chris Holland

Interschool Rising Star Finalists

Charlotte Adamson, Sarah Coggan, Jessica Fedrick, Chase Naylor

Winner: Sarah Coggan

Show Horse Rising Star Finalists

Bronte Raymont, Isabella Cross-Winston, Jessica Fedrick

Winner: Jessica Fedrick

Vaulting Rising Star Finalists

Carlee Roberts, Jean Betts, Nicola Barlow, Lili Tamai

Winner: Lili Tamai


Athlete of the Year 

Proudly sponsored by Finch Farm, this award recognises an athlete who has consistently achieved at a high level either at State, National, or International level in the last year.  They will have displayed excellent sportsmanship, as well as putting something back into the sport.


⭐️ Tor Van Den Berge ⭐️ Emma Flavelle-Watts ⭐️ Madison Simpson 
⭐️ Nicole Tough ⭐️ Brooke Langbecker ⭐️ Olivia Hamood 
⭐️ Jayden Brown ⭐️ Billy Raymont


⭐️ Tor Van Den Berge

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