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Club Admin Manual

EA’s club admin manual offers handy hints and tips to assist club administrators in the areas of administration, risk management, horse welfare, member serves, club promotion, event management and more. The manual comes with a series of downloadable resources including sponsorship and press release template files which can be easily adapted by clubs for their specific use. The resource is free to all affiliated equestrian clubs and is intended to be an aid for administrators in the delivery of their equestrian events and promotion of their club. Sections on governance and risk management offer clubs the opportunity to comply with industry best practice.


Full Club Manual EA Club Admin Manual 
Appendix A Nomination Form
Appendix B Risk Management Table
Appendix C Incident Report Form 
Appendix D   Appendix D - Photo release form.doc
Appendix E Template Constitution 
Appendix F Sponsorship Template 
Appendix G Press Release Sample 
Appendix H Appendix H - Press Release Template.doc
Appendix I Appendix I - Sponsorship Agreement Template.doc