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Skill Specific Trainer & Assessor and Coach Educators

 CE/SSTA Updates: EA Coach Educators and Skills Specific Trainers/Assessors who needed to attend an update in 2020 were extended to 2021. During 2020, an online CE/SSTA Update was trialled as was SSTA accrediation. Both trials were successful.

EA will be developing a calendar for Updates and Accreditaion in 2021 using a variety of methods. 

This is a fluid and constantly changing situation and the health and welfare of our community is the highest priority. We are working hard to provide as much support as possible. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Kellie Hayes, Pathways Officer – Coaching on email via [email protected]  

Why become an Equestrian Australia (EA) Accredited Coach?

The following is a summary, highlighting some, but not all, of the benefits of being an accrediated EA coach:

  • Rewarding career path
  • Helping others achieve their dreams and become the best riders they can be
  • Potential domestic and international travel opportunities
  • Formalised education, coach training & accreditation
  • EA is a member organisation of the FEIIGEQSport Australia & AOC with the needs of EA coaches appropriately represented and met by these groups
  • Alignment with the EA coaching brand, a highly regarded coaching accreditation scheme both internationally and domestically
  • Group negotiation for better insurance opportunities
  • Alignment of equestrian sports through national disicpline committees who all work together to achieve joint outcomes - including coaching needs
  • Integrated development pathways for coaches, athletes and officials
  • EA by-laws & policies (e.g. member protection) to support the coaching and wider EA community 
  • ASADA compliance and education 
  • A strong, proactive coaching community represented by a national coaching committee