Next Gen Leaderboard

The Equestrian Queensland Next Gen Leaderboard is an initiative to encourage growth and recognise participation of riders between the ages of 16-25. The purpose of this leaderboard is to assist those transitioning from Interschool pathways to actively participate in official competitive events across all EQ disciplines.

  • Dressage
  • Driving
  • Eventing 
  • Jumping
  • Show Horse
  • Vaulting


Points are allocated from 35 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 35th place.

  • Dressage - Points are allocated for all competitive classes.
  • Show Horse - Points are allocated for all Show Horse Queensland events.
    Champion and Reserve Champion results will not receive points.  
  • Jumping - Points are allocated for all competitive classes 1.05m+. Results will only be recorded to where prize money is allocated to at the event.
  • Eventing - Points are allocated for levels from EvQ95 and above.  Blank sections will show for combinations that were eliminated, had withdrawn, or retired at an event.
  • Driving – Points will be allocated from all competitive classes.
  • Vaulting – Points will be allocated from all competitive classes.

In the event of a tie, placings will be determined based on the relevant discipline rules. Please note points will only be allocated from QLD competitions.


  1. Must be an EQ Competitor member.
  2. Horses must be EA Base or Life Registered (as per the EA National Rules of each discipline / level of competition).
  3. All riders must be in the age bracket of 16-25 as of 1 January 2024
  4. Participants may enter multiple horses.
  5. Horses may appear on the leaderboard under multiple riders but must meet the rules of the sport regarding multiple riders while participating.
  6. Horse/rider combinations may participate in multiple disciplines and will be eligible across multiple levels on the leaderboard, however, must not exceed the maximum number of starts per day as per EA rules.
  7. All events will be included up until the 31 October, for points to be finalised before the EQ Annual Awards night.
  8. The leaderboard will be updated quarterly
  9. Eligible riders will receive points based on their ranking in the class irrespective of who is in the class (e.g. if an eligible participant has placed 3rd in the class and is the only eligible next gen leaderboard participant the participant will be awarded 33 points.)


Prizes will be presented to the Champion and Reserve Champion of each Leaderboard at the 2024 Equestrian Queensland Annual Awards Night.

2024 Next Gen Leaderboard Standings - as of 31 March 2024 

*Please note these are currently provisional standings.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email [email protected] or call 07 3891 6611

2024 Next Gen Leaderboard - Dressage  
2024 Next Gen Leaderboard - Eventing  
2024 Next Gen Leaderboard - Jumping 
2024 Next Gen Leaderboard - Show Horse



The EQ Next Gen Leaderboard will include an award for the overall Tertiary Institution Champion. This is to recognise Tertiary Institutions in which athletes belong to that participate in the Next Gen Leaderboard across all disciplines.


  • All participants must meet the participant eligibility criteria for the EQ Next Gen Leaderboard.
  • All participants must be:
  1. Currently enrolled in a recognised Australian university at the undergraduate, post-graduate or Phd Level OR
  2. Currently enrolled in a higher education institution (i.e. TAFE) OR
  3. Currently enrolled in a recognised Australia Trade College AND
  4.  Can verify their eligibility with a valid Student ID Card or Proof of Enrolment (PoE) Form.
  • All participants must a current financial member of Equestrian Queenslan
  • All points accumulated by each eligible combination of the university team will count towards the overall total of the tertiary.
  • All participants that wish to be recognised to represent their institutions must nominate to be included in the tertiary championship. To nominate CLICK HERE
  • Participants must meet the eligibility criteria for the Next Gen Leaderboard. All nominations by riders wanting to represent their institutions, must be received by 28 October.


  • Points will be allocated to tertiary institutions based on eligible participants points.


  • Prizes will be presented to the Champion Tertiary Education Institute with the most points at the 2024 Equestrian Queensland Annual Awards Night.


2024 Next Gen Leaderboard Criteria 

2024 Tertiary Instituion Champion Register