2017 EQ Annual Awards Evening


Administrator of the Year

Proudly sponsored by Red Shed Business Advisors, this award recognises an individual who has made a significant contribution during 2017 to the administration of their equestrian sport or club.  

Finalists: Carola Price, Karyn Dillmann, Leesa Murray, Kara Thomas, Nick Ballard and Nikki Breeze


 Club of the Year

This award recognises an EQ affiliated club that during 2017 fostered participation and engagement at all levels of the sport, showed innovation in administration, skills development, and personal growth for members and provided opportunities for a diverse range of participants as well as a broad community appeal.

Finalists: Caboolture Dressage Group, Caloundra Equestrian Association, Lockyer Equestrian Group, Park Ridge Active Riders Group, Redlands and Southern Districts Equestrian Group and Tamborine Equestrian Group




Owner of the Year


Proudly sponsored by Mullins Lawyers, this award recognises the owner/s (must be an EQ member) who has contributed to the success of equestrian sport by providing horses of the highest quality to riders within the various equestrian disciplines.  These horses have generally competed to an exceptional level during the year either on the State, National, or International stage.  

Finalists: Graham & Linda Huddy, Madonna Hedberg and Sarah Corr


 Coach of the Year 

This award recognises an EA registered coach whose dedication and skill has positively influenced both human and equine athletes during 2017.  The EA registered coach will have made a significant contribution to the success of individuals or teams to assist them in achieving outstanding results at the highest level of senior or junior competition.

Finalists: Charlotte Price, Danielle Shearer, Diane Mackie, Emma Flavelle-Watts, Guy Creighton, Kim Durante, Leah McCarron, Lesley Brodbeck, Mattea Davidson and Nicole Tough



School of the Year

Proudly sponsored by Interschool Queensland, this award recognises an EQ affiliated school that has set itself apart from other schools through its high standard of organisation, governance, community engagement and its resounding success.  This school will have provided opportunities for riders, volunteers, administrators, and officials to develop within and outside the school environment.

Finalists: Somerville House, St John's Catholic School, Stuartholme School, The Glennie School and The Kooralbyn International School


Best Groom Award

Proudly sponsored by Caboolture Dressage Group, this award recognised those all-important, behind-the-scenes team members who work around the clock to ensure that our equine athletes get the best possible care and attention.

Finalists: Gregory Brown and Catharina Matschurat, Kaitlin Dooney, Jamie Rodda & Allara Paxton


Official of the Year

This award recognises an individual who has attained a level of excellence in the field of officiating (ie Course building, technical delegate and/or judging).  

Finalists: Christine Bradfield, Darryn Fedrick, Des Hughes, Kay Paulsen and Maria Schwennesen

accepted by Nicole Tough


Against All Odds Award

Proudly sponsored by B&D CONSULTANTS, this award replaces the Para Equestrian of the Year Award.  This award recognises an individual who has pursued their equestrian ambitions despite a disability or extremely difficult personal circumstance.  The category is open to all athletes, regardless of age, who have overcome significant adversity through courage, human spirit, perseverance and resilience to consistently achieve at a high level either at local, State or National level in the past year. 

Finalists: Chelsea Gatti, Mackenzie Boundy, Margie Elliott and Susan Cox

accepted by Leesa Murray

Volunteer of the Year 

This award recognises an individual who contributes to the running of equestrian sport and events in Queensland voluntarily.  Administrators, coaches, and officials are not eligible to enter this category. Volunteers foster positive difference in the lives of others through support and encouragement, often with self-sacrifice and without personal gain.

Finalists: Adele Godsall, Alison Ford, Dale McNab, David Berman, John Tod, Karen Herald, Kim Tenkate, Lisbeth Betts, Merle Speakman, Paul Reedy, Sue Koning and Susie Mason


Service to Sport

This award recognises an individual who, over a number of years, has made an outstanding contribution and commitment to equestrian sport, or the industry as a whole.  The recipient may be anyone who has contributed to the development and excellence of equestrian sports such as an administrator, a volunteer, a competitor, or a coach.

Finalists: Alan Garfield, Judy Jackson, Karen Herald, Karen Morris, Leesa Murray and Wendy Tidbold



 Event of the Year 

Proudly sponsored by AITKEN'S SADDLERY, this award recognises an event conducted in Queensland during 2017 that has provided a significant impact on community values, awareness of the sport and/or significant economic benefits.  

Finalists: 2017 Marcus Oldham Australian Interschool Championships, AQUIS Champions Tour, Australian Adult Amateur Dressage Championships, Charlotte Dujardin Masterclass, Festival of Showjumping, Pryde's EasiFeed Gatton World Cup and Southern Steel Group International 3 Day Event


 Horse of the Year 

Proudly sponsored by PRYDE'S EASIFEED, this award recognises a horse that has had exceptional performances during the year either on the State, National, or International stage and gains recognition for the sport.

Finalists: Adloo Galina, Aristede, Bertone, Fairview Aliquidam, Premonition and Thymes Too

owned by Madonna Hedberg, ridden by Brett Cantle and Emma Flavelle-Watts

Rising Star Award 

Proudly sponsored by STUARTHOLME SCHOOL, this award recognises an athlete 18 years of age or less as at 31 December 2017 who has consistently achieved at a high level either at State, National, or International level in the past year.  They will have displayed excellent sportsmanship, as well as putting something back into the sport.

Finalists: Brooke Dougall, Chelsea Gatti, Daisy Fielding, Emily Ballard, Emily Rink, Felicity Shearer, Jamie Hewitt Toms, Jean Betts, Maleah Lang-Mcmahon, Mercaides Mitchell and Sabrina Hitch


Athlete of the Year

Proudly sponsored by FINCH FARM, this award recognises an athlete who has consistently achieved at a high level either at State, National, or International level in the last year.  They will have displayed excellent sportsmanship, as well as putting something back into the sport.

Finalists: Billy Raymont, Brett Cantle, Emma Flavelle-Watts, Mattea Davidson, Matthew Gaske



Sports Committee Awards


Matt Gaske and Thymes Too
Queensland Horse and Rider of the Year

Des Hughes
Eventing Queensland Official of the Year 



Billy Raymont & Anton
Finch Farm Leading Jumping Horse & Rider

Alyse Maxwell
Finch Farm Amateur Showjump Rider of the Year

Samuel Overton & Diamond B Cornvina
Aitken's Saddlery Future Star of the Year


Show Horse

Karanga Dallas ridden by Emily Barrow
Champion Show Horse Pony of the Year

Rosedale Royalist ridden by Kaitlyn Davies
Champion Show Horse Galloway of the Year

Worldly ridden by Kirsty Harper-Purcell
Champion Show Horse Hack of the Year

Newport ridden by Jade Christofis
Champion Show Horse Owner/Rider Combination of the Year

Worldy ridden by Kirsty Harper-Purcell
2017 Hi Point Leaderboard Supreme Champion

Mackenzie Thompson
Champion Rider Under 12yrs

Peta Coles
Champion Rider 12-14 years

Holly Spring
Champion Rider 15-17 years

Mel Waller
Champion Rider 18yrs and Over



Siena Fisher-Peters
IQ Overall Champion Primary Rider

Sabrina Hitch
IQ Overall Secondary Rider

Karen Morris & Tracey Sexton
IQ Chairmans Award




Lili Tamai
Participant Vaulter of the Year

Jean Betts
Junior Vaulter of the Year

Lucy Betts
Senior Vaulter of the Year

Anna & Lucy Betts
Pas de Deux of the Year

Kamilaroi Cavalier
Vaulting Horse of the Year



Aristede owned by Shannan Goodwin
FEI Horse of the Year



2016 EA Awards Winners


Christine Bradfield
EA Administrator of the Year

AQUIS Showjumping Classic
EA Event of the Year

Graeme Watts
EA Official of the Year


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