Frosty Mango NQ Leaderboard

2024 Frosty Mango NQ Leaderboard  

Frosty Mango 2024 Calendar 
Date Club
8-9 June Whitsunday Equestrian Group
20 June Mackay Show
5 July Ingham Show
18 July Cairns Show
5-6 August Sarina Show
17-18 August North Queensland Showjumping Club
24-25 August Tropical North Showjumping Club
5-7 October (Finals) Tropical North Showjumping Championship & OTT Spectacular

Who is eligible to enter?

Open to all riders. Points are allocated to horse and rider combination. Riders may compete on more than one horse in each event.

Riders and horses must be registered with Equestrian Queensland or a branch of Equestrian Australia.

Riders who enter the series event are automatically eligible for the leaderboard.

How will points be allocated?

1st place will be allocated 100pts;
2nd place will be allocated 90pts;
3rd place will be allocated 80pts;
4th place will be allocated 70pts;
5th place will be allocated 60pts;
6th place will be allocated 50pts;
7th place will be allocated 40pts;
8th place will be allocated 30 pts;
9th place will be allocated 20pts;
10th place will be allocated 10pts.

Horse and rider combination that accumulates the most points through the year will be deemed the winner. 

What are the prizes?

The winner of the series will be awarded a Frosty Mango embroidered rug, perpetual trophy, plus sash, plus $500 cash. 2nd place will receive sash plus $300 cash. 3rd place will receive sash plus $100 cash. WINNERS WILL BE PRESENTED AT THE COMPLETION OF THE FINAL AT TROPICAL NORTH SHOWJUMPING CLUB.

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