Condition of Entry

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This event will be conducted under EA national Rules, riders are responsible for being aware of the rules. It is the rider's responsibility to ensure they hold the necessary Minimum Eligibility Requirements to enter their desired class. Please refer to Equestrian Australian National Eventing Rule 520.4.

This event is subject to the EvQ Safety and XC Course Development Fee.

Dogs and Camping

  • All dogs must be kept on a leash. Please pick up after your dog.
  • Electric fences are not permitted, as per competition rules.
  • No portable yards to be erected.
  • Yard Bond refund will be available ONLY at the event after inspection from the office
  • There will be a designated manure pile.
  • Please make sure all your rubbish is either taken home with you or placed in the bins provided around the grounds.


Refunds and Entries

  • All entries to be made through
  • Classes will be limited to 40 horse & rider combinations. Should nominations exceed this number a wait list will be used to fill scratching’s as they are known.
  • Should entries be sufficient in class 5-7, the class will be split in a manner deemed appropriate by the Organising Committee. Juniors will be recognized in combined classes.
  • Substitutions of horse and rider will be accepted up until 26 October 2017, as long as it is within the same class.  No other substitutions will be considered.
  • Late entries: - ALL LATE ENTRIES WILL INCURE A $30 LATE FEE and are non refundable.
  • NO refunds after original close of entries (refunds will not extend into late entry time frame).
  • Refunds prior to close of entries will attract a 10% administration fee.
  • If the event is cancelled, there will be a 20% administration fee withheld from nominations.

Membership and Registration

  • Riders in all classes must be an EA member.
  • Horses in EvA95 and above must have current EA registration.
  • Horses and riders in International FEI classes must have relevant and current registrations, documents and passports 
  • All rider's in EvA95 and above must be full competitor members of Equestrian Australia and all horses must be fully life registered with EA.
  • All owners of horses in the EvA95 & above must be current members of Equestrian Australia.

Disclaimer of Liability/Reservation of Right

  • EA Article 507.6 Disclaimer of Liability - Neither the Organising Committee of any event to which these rules apply nor Equestrian Australia accepts any liability for any accident, damage, injury, or illness to horses, riders, ground, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever.
  • EA Article 507.7 Reservation of Right - The organiser reserves the right to; cancel any class or event, dived any class, trasfer competitiors between sections of a class, alter the advertised times, refuse any entry, with or without stating the reason.

Hendra Vaccination Policy

  •  THIS IS A HENDRA VACCINATED EVENT if you are from a High-Risk Hendra Area, If you are from a low risk area, please apply for an exemption to compete (see DPI map for Hendra Areas and applicable postcodes)
    • Hendra Vaccine Boosters must have been administered within the previous 12 months OR
    • The first of the two initial vaccines must have been administered before the event.
    • Exemptions may be considered, and should be applied for via [email protected] (please note that horses that have never had a vaccine will not be considered for an exemption.)
    • Microchip numbers must be provided with entry.
    • The committee reserves the right to conduct random checks of Hendra vaccination compliance throughout the weekend.
    • Hendra Vaccination does not replace good biosecurity practice and a horse health declaration must still be presented on arrival to the event.