Rules & Tests

One Day Events and Three Day Events in Queensland run under three sets of rules - International, National and State-based. (S = short format, L = long format)

CCI-S and CCI-L events use the FEI Rule Book. This includes any of the following classes:  CCI5*-L; CCI4*-L; CCI3*-L; CCI2*-L; CCI1*-L; CCI5*-S; CCI4*-S; CCI3*-S; CCI2*-S and CCI1*-S.

      FEI Eventing Rules        

CCN-L and CCN-S events use the Equestrian Australia National Eventing Rule Book. This includes any of the following classes: CCN4*-L; CCN3*-L; CCN2*-L; CCN1*-L; CCN95; CCN80; CCN4*-S; CCN3*-S; CCN2*-S;   CCN1*-S; EvA95 and EvA80.

  National Eventing Rules    

Lower Level events use the State-based Eventing Queensland - Rules for Lower Level Events.  Low level Events are defined as any Event which has obstacles below 80cm in all classes offered.  For any height that is not specifically covered in Annex A, the height of those obstacesl will be determined by common-sense.

Rules for low level eventing
updated 1 July 2020

For each level of eventing, the rule books stipulate a specific set of tests from which the organising committee can choose.

   National Eventing Tests    

        FEI Eventing Tests