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Posted by Samantha Duffy on 23/03/2015.

2015 Equestrian Australia National Rules for Eventing

The 2015 rule book is available on the Equestrian Australia website ( Download the mark-up version to quickly identify what’s new. Better still, give the full book the once over, to keep up-to-date with all the rules.

Medical Information The 2015 Eventing Rules now stipulate, riders only need to wear a Medical Armband if they have a medical condition. Instead all riders need to provide Next of Kin information to the event organisers before the Cross Country Phase. This information is provided to the Medical Responders to comply with the rule change. The Next of Kin information should be a person the Medical Responders can contact, someone at the grounds is preferable. This person should also have knowledge of anything that might be important when the Medical Responders are assisting you at an event. Please make sure this information is up-to-date and fully completed when you enter a competition on the Nominate website, so the event organisers can use the information for the Medical Responders.

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