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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 02/11/2022.

EOI - Dressage Queensland Amateur Owner Rider Sub-Committee

The Dressage Queensland Amateur Owner Rider Sub-Committee has been initiated to establish the needs of Dressage Amateur Owner Riders in Queensland and to recommend new initiatives to improve the experiences and opportunities of those riders.

Primary Purpose:

  • Establish the current needs of AOR riders within Queensland
  • Support the growth of AOR numbers within Queensland
  • Encourage and help Organising Committees to develop competitions, and activities to support the AOR group
  • Provide Organising Committees with rosettes and awards when required in a timely manner prior to events
  • Obtain sponsorship for AOR events
  • Ensure Organising Committees clearly understand the current AOR rules
  • Maintain effective communication with AOR competitors, Organising Committees and Dressage Queensland
  • Advise Dressage Queensland on issues relating to AOR  as they occur
  • Ensure compliance with National AOR Guidelines as per Clause 4.6.1 of the Equestrian Australia     National Dressage Rules

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Numbers of AOR competitors participating in EA dressage events
  • Stakeholders’ confidence and satisfaction in the system
  • Policies and procedures regularly reviewed, assessed and updated
  • Number of sponsors for AOR events
  • Remain cash flow positive with a clear budget and financial strategy in place

Experience of Sub-Committee members

If possible, the Sub-committee members should have  experience in the following areas:

  • Marketing and sponsorship
  • Specific interest in developing the AOR group in Queensland
  • An interest in the coordination & organisation of events
  • Communicating positively with a wide range of stakeholders

Other Requirements

  • Ability to work on a committee and contribute to the strategic development of policies
  • Need to be available for a minimum of eight online meetings and one face to face meeting per year.
  • Experience with the use of online technology including online meeting platforms and communicating via email between meetings  to make decisions and discuss any issues.
  • Current Equestrian Queensland member: Officials membership is the minimum required.

Ethical Considerations

  • AOR Sub-Committee members should have qualities of tact, integrity and ability to preserve confidentiality of the information that is conveyed to them both by individual riders and other EA officials and team management
  • AOR Sub-Committee members need to have an open and approachable personality, able to deal efficiently and appropriately with riders, event organisers, sponsors and stakeholders.
  • AOR Sub-Committee members must behave in a manner appropriate to the role and any untoward behaviour seen to bring DQ. EQ or EA or the sport of Dressage into disrepute may be dealt with by DQ and may require that member to be removed from the position.

Skills and Personal Attributes

  • Ability to communicate effectively with various stakeholder groups
  • Ability to work autonomously whilst being part of a team
  • Attention to detail
  • Acceptance of accountability for actions  and prepared to justify decisions

Conflict of Interest

It is essential that the position of sub-committee members should be above any criticism of perceived or actual conflict of interest or bias. Sub-committee members can still be in the role at the discretion of DQ if they have an associated interest, that may be considered a conflict or bias, however a declaration of these conflicts/biases will be required to be identified at time of nomination and immediately on discovery any time during the term of office. If a situation of conflict of interest does arise during any discussion or rulings the member shall remove themselves for the process for that situation.

Budget and Financial Information

The AOR Sub-Committee will be required to create an annual budget for any planned spending to support the AOR activities. This budget should be completed in a time frame requested by the DQ committee. Members from the AOR Sub-Committee (or a sub-committee member who has been allocated the finance role) will be required to keep track of all spendings and any significant deviation from the agreed budget will require approval by the DQ Chair. Any outstanding funds will be rolled over to the next year in line with EQ policies.

Appointment Procedure

Members of the sub-committee will ideally be elected for a term of one year and can serve for a maximum of three consecutive terms. Any deviation from these terms of appointment must be approved by the DQ Committee. Requests for nominations will be circulated by the EQ dressage coordinator, with the appointment process to take place the following month. The new  term will commence from the next sub-committee meeting date. The outgoing members remains in office until the new sub-committee is formed and ratified by Dressage Queensland. The sub-committee will consist of up to 6 members. The DQ Club Liaison Representative and the DQ AOR Representative will form part of the sub-committee. Applicants must complete a nomination form and forward, together with their résumé and other supporting documentation, to the EQ Office by 5pm on the specified closing date.

The Appointment Panel will consist of:

  • Chair of Dressage Queensland
  • A member of DQ Committee appointed by Dressage Queensland
  • An employee of Equestrian QLD
  • The current DQ AAOR Liaison
  • A Club Representative

The Appointment Panel will assess applicants, and determine whether they meet the required criteria and make an appointment. The Appointment Panel will rank all applicants and forward their recommendation to Dressage Queensland and Equestrian Queensland for ratification. Once approved by these bodies the Chair of Dressage Queensland will notify applicants and announce the appointments.

Committee structure

All governance of Dressage sub committees will be the responsibly of Dressage Queensland and Equestrian Queensland. Sub- Committee members must at all times adhere to the codes, principles, policies and procedures of Equestrian Australia, Equestrian Queensland and Dressage Queensland. An understanding of EQ constitution and by-laws are required by all members and DQ and EQ reserve the right to amend these policies should this become necessary. The sub-committee is required to keep detailed minutes of all meetings and provide a copy of these minutes to DQ/EQ within 7 days of the meeting. All communications with Organising Committees must be via the DQ Club Liaison representative unless prior permission to communicate directly is    approved by DQ. All complaints regarding any AOR activities initiated by the Sub-Committee must be forwarded to DQ within in 24 hours of receipt and will be dealt with by DQ in accordance with the EQ Complaints Policy in consultation with the Sub-Committee.

Casual Vacancies

In the event of a sub-committee member is standing down during their term, the Chair of DQ will appoint the next ranked applicant from the recent advertising, who will fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term of office or if there are no other ranked applicants available the position will be advertised for the remainder of the term.

 Please use the link provided to submit your EOI.  All EOI's must be received by no later than Wednesday 16 November 2022.

 EOI Form

 DQ Amateur Owner Rider Sub-Committee Guidelines


 If you are interested in finding out more please email [email protected] or phone (07) 3891 6611

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