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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 01/03/2017.

EQ's No 1 Value - Welfare of the Horse

We all have a shared responsibility in upholding our paramount organisational value welfare of the horse.

Anyone who witnesses abuse of the horse has the right to make a complaint. The primary responsibility from any witness is to seek to immediately cease any abuse and the earlier the intervention the better.

If it is outside of competition, it should be brought to the attention to the onsite official or the event director/club official overseeing the event to take reasonable steps to cease continuation (ie participants who have entered competition or entry of the grounds are bound by the conditions of entry and can be removed).

If there is a dispute which arises that cannot be resolved or the matter needs to be escalated for further disciplinary action which extends beyond the ED/club jurisdiction, they can be referred to EQ (within 14 days) and if it involves potential disciplinary action (applicable to EA members), the case will be heard through the independent judiciary tribunal.

Welfare of the horse is covered off extensively in the rules of the sport and the Equestrian Australia General Regulations.

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