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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 30/01/2015.

Equestrian Queensland Position on Mandatory Vaccination at EQ Events


The Board of Equestrian Queensland (EQ) has unanimously resolved that, based on recent legal advice, it will NOT be enforcing or requiring mandatory Hendra vaccinations at any EQ event held in our Queensland jurisdiction.

This will remain the case irrespective of the status of the EA Hendra Bylaw.  EQ believes that in the absence of Government legislation requiring mandatory vaccination, individual horse owners should be free to make their own choice whether or not to Hendra vaccinate their horses based on their individual circumstances.

EQ will continue to do everything within its capacity to ensure that any divide in the equine industry, which the issue of mandatory vaccination may have raised, is resolved in the best interests of the growth and development of equestrian sport.


Peter Toft

Chair Equestrian Queensland 


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