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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 21/07/2021.

Expression of Interests (EOI) - Equine Medication Control Swabbing Stewards

Equestrian Queensland is seeking Expression of Interests (EOI) from members who are interested in training as an accredited Equestrian Australia (EA) Equine Medication Control Swabbing Steward for Equestrian Queensland (EQ) .  

What is A Medication Control Program?

The Medication Control Program (MCP) or swabbing is the testing of a horse’s urine and blood samples to ensure that all horses are competing under the EA and FEI competition rules without being influenced by prohibited substances to create a level playing field.

In Queensland, the EQ administers the MCP for EQ/EA national events (excluding FEI events) which is funded from a levy from each new horse registration to conduct medication control at selected and random events.

What is the Role of a Medication Control Swabbing Steward?

At the instruction of Equestrian Queensland a Medication Control Swabbing Steward is required to;  

  • Attend a nominated event,
  • Notify the competitor/s of the horse/s that have been selected for testing
  • Stay with the horse at all times from the time of notification of swabbing selection until the testing is complete
  • Work with the nominated veterinarian to ensure that all appropriate forms are completed properly
  • Send samples to the nominated laboratory for testing;

EQ provides Medication Control Swabbing Stewards with an honorarium per day along with reimbursement of any travel expenses as per the ATO rates.

Further details on the EA Medication Control Program can be found HERE and the Equestrian Australian Medication Control Policy can be found HERE.

If you are interested in becoming an accredited EA Medication Control Swabbing Steward please express your interest on the button provided below. If you have any further questions please contact EQ on (07) 3891 6611 for further information.

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