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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 30/04/2015.

Moving horses within Queensland

You have to meet certain requirements if you move horses within Queensland, or into Queensland from other states and territories.

Before moving horses within Queensland you must:

  • register your property with a property identification code (PIC)
  • complete an online waybill, or contact us, when
    • moving horses between cattle tick zones or to slaughter
    • a horse is sold or there is a change in ownership
    • a travel permit is issued
  • obtain a travel permit if you intend to move horses
    • between cattle tick zones
    • to or from the RNA showgrounds in Brisbane
    • to a quarantine facility for export.

Moving horses into Queensland from another state or territory

Before you bring horses from other states and territories into Queensland, you must:

    • properties restricted for cattle tick in New South Wales
    • cattle tick infected areas in the Northern Territory or Western Australia.

Moving horses from Queensland to another state or territory

Check the livestock entry requirements for other states or territories.

Please ensure that you meet all Queensland travel requirements for horses when moving through Queensland to get to another state.

Moving hay and fodder

When moving your horses, it is important that you do not accidentally transport unwanted weeds or pests in hay or fodder.

If you regularly move hay out of a fire ant restricted area, you will need to have an approved risk management plan in place. If you don't move hay often, you can request an inspector's approval to ensure the material is free from fire ants.

The fire ants and hay fact sheet (PDF, 219KB) provides advice about preventing your hay from becoming infested with fire ants.

Note: Hay moved from the cattle tick infected zone of Queensland is subject to NSW entry requirements

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