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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 08/06/2016.

New Biosecurity Laws for Queensland

The Biosecurity Act 2014 (the Act) will come into effect on 1 July 2016.

The Act will improve Queensland’s biosecurity preparedness and response capabilities. Under the Act, we will be better placed to focus on the biosecurity risks that impact our economy, our agricultural and tourism industries, our environment and our lifestyle.

All individuals and organisations whose activities pose a biosecurity risk will have a legal responsibility for managing them.

As a horse owner you will need to take an active role in managing biosecurity risks under your control. You will not be expected to know about all biosecurity risks, but you will be expected to know about those associated with your day-to-day work and your leisure activities.

The general biosecurity obligation means you will need to ensure your activities do not spread a pest, disease or contaminant.

If you’re planning on attending a show or event and your horse suddenly becomes ill, it would not be reasonable to take that horse to the show or event. A practical action could be to call a veterinarian to obtain a professional opinion on what could be wrong with your horse.

Below are three fact sheets provided by Biosecurity Queensland including one specific to horse owners.

 Horse Fact Sheet 

 Cattle Tick Fact Sheet 

 Livestock Fact Sheet 

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