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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 10/02/2015.

Reaccreditation period for coaches and officials extended

Equestrian Australia (EA) is pleased to announce the reaccreditation period for NCAS coaches and NOAS officials has been extended from two years to three.

The extension provides an additional year to complete the compulsory requisites for reaccreditation, thereby easing the financial and time requirements on coaches and officials who are retaining NCAS or NOAS accreditation.

The move follows feedback received EA has received from its members, encouraging a more generous period in which to meet reaccreditation requirements. It is hoped that reducing the frequency in coaches and officials are required to attend compulsory updates will encourage more people to continue within the EA education system.   

The extension is also supported by the Australian Sports Commission as it brings equestrian’s NCAS and NOAS reaccreditation periods into line with other major sports.

What does this mean for you? 

Dressage and Show Horse Officials

Dressage and Show Horse Officials will proceed with reaccreditation at 31 March 2015, due to the fact they had already been extended to a three year cycle this time around to bring them into alignment with the other disciplines. However, they will then not be required to reaccredit again until 2018. All current and accredited dressage officials have now been sent their reaccreditation pack (via email) outlining the reaccreditation requirements. Show Horse Officials will receive their packs shortly and also via email

Eventing, Vaulting, Driving, Jumping Officials

Other disciplines that previously reaccredited in 2013 will now be required to reaccredit at March 31st 2016 and every three years after that.


Coaches will continue to pay their insurance annually, however they will only be required to complete reaccreditation (updating summary) every three years with the next due in June 2016.

Key Reaccreditation Dates:

March 15 Reaccreditation for dressage and show horse officials
June 15 Coach Registration (annual payment only)
June 16 Coach Registration (annual payment only)
March 16 Reaccreditation for eventing, jumping, vaulting, driving officials
June 16 Reaccreditation for all coaches
March 18 Reaccreditation for dressage and show horse officials


Dressage Judge Reaccreditation Pack

The Show Horse reaccreditation pack is coming soon

For more information please contact EA Education Department on 02) 8762 7777

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