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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 23/03/2016.

Running Dressage Events

Is your club running a dressage event? There are a few simply things you can do to make running the event easier and ensure that results from your event can be used as official results.


Please ensure that you send your entry checks for Participant and Official events in as soon as possible after the close of entries. If you have not used nominate to take entries please send your entry check in an Excel Spreadsheet with both the horse and riders  EA number and name and class. Please also mark if the class is participant or competitive. Where applicable, marking which entries are ponies is also very helpful and allows for a quick turn around.


Please ensure that ALL official results (Open, Pony, Young Riders & Young Horse) are sent to Equestrian Queensland as well as Dressage Qld. Without this results cannot be accurately recorded for points, qualifiers and end of year trophies.

If in doubt, send them to [email protected]


To make things easier to accurately marks your results you can add question to your entry forms (or nominate). For riders please consider adding 'Are you a young rider (under 21)? And for horses please consider adding 'Is this a pony?'

There are two places to look for current dressage judges.

The EA website has the ability to electronically filter to your requirement and is automatically linked to the EA database.
Dressage Queensland also have a list that is updated monthly but gives a better idea of where judges are located.

This page on the Dressage website also holds the scoring program that will allow your official results to be extracted into the correct format for submission to EQ.

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