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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 18/06/2014.

Show Horse Queensland Leaderboard

Show Horse QLD Logo2014 Equestrian Queensland Show Horse Leaderboard

Goal is to award an Equestrian Queensland Show Horse and Rider who have successfully competed as a EQ member across 5 participating Ag Shows being :

Mackay Show                                    17 June 2014

Malanda Show                                  4 July 2014

Samford Show                                  12 July 2014

Beenleigh Show                               12 September 2014

Gatton Show                                      18 July 2014

Riders must be current competitive members and the horse must have full horse life registration, with the owner (if not the rider) being a current financial member also.


Each Ag Show will hold separate:-

Equestrian Queensland Pony/Hunter pony Class

Equestrian Queensland Galloway/Hunter Galloway Class

Equestrian Queensland Hack/Hunter Hack Class. 


Show Hunters are eligible to compete within each of the height divisions.

Ribbons will be awarded to 6th place, 1st place getter in each of the height divisions i.e. Pony, Galloway or Hack will be presented with a Sash at each Show.

Leaderboards are for horse and rider combinations only, but you can have more than one combination.

Points will be awarded as follows:-

6th                           1 point

5th                           2 point

4th                           3 point

3rd                           5 points

2nd                          7 points

1st                           10 points

Combinations must participate in a minimum of 2 of the shows to be eligible.

The combination receiving the highest accumulative points from each of the height divisions will be eligible to compete in the “ride off” to be held at the 2014 Pryde’s EasiFeed HOTY & Newcomer of the Year Show on 11-12 October, 2014 at Park Ridge Pony Club.

Each height division winner will receive a Champion Rug to be presented at the 2014 Pryde’s EasiFeed HOTY & Newcomer of the Year Show.

Winners must be able to attend HOTY to compete in the “ride off” for 2014 Supreme Equestrian Queensland Show Horse Leaderboard Series Champion.

If you are unable to attend 2014 HOTY due to medical/veterinary reasons (certificate to be supplied) then you will still receive your title of e.g. Equestrian Queensland EA Horse & Rider of the Year for that particular height division.

The “ride off” would only then have two combinations competing for Supreme Equestrian Queensland Show Horse Leaderboard Series Champion.  Series Champion will receive a Garland to be presented at this show.

There will be no fee to enter the “Ride off”.

Supreme Equestrian Queensland Show Horse Leaderboard Series Champion will also be presented with a Trophy at the Equestrian Annual Awards night on 31 January 2015, along with membership for EQ for 2015 and one free horse registration to be used in that calendar year.

For all enquiries please contact Katherine, Sasha or Sam at Equestrian Queensland  (07) 3891 6611.


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