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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 04/11/2014.
Chris Nott

Special Olympics National Games 2014

Recently we had 4 very dedicated Equestrian Queensland athletes, attend the tenth Special Olympics Australia National Games in Melbourne, Victoria.

For many athletes the Games represented the culmination of years of rigorous training and dedication. The National Games also served as a platform for athletes to compete at the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2015 to be held in Los Angeles, USA.

Queensland was the only state that provided a qualification process for these athletes to attend this event, and it was hotly contested.

On another note we would like to wish Chantal Simpson a speedy recovery after having an accident at the Special Olympics on her borrowed horse.  Chantal recently underwent surgery and we look forward to seeing her up and about on her lovely mare soon.

Results were as follows

Canter A - 1st Phoebe Roche Canter A - 3rd Phoebe roche
Canter A - 3rd Sarah Sherwood Canter A - 5th Sarah Sherwood
Canter A - 5th Chantal Simpson  
  Canter B - 1st Nathan Harvey
Canter B - 5th Nathan Harvey Canter B - 2nd Chantal Simpson
Canter A - equal 1st Sarah Sherwood CAnter A - 3rd Sarah Serhwood
Canter A - equal 3rd Phoebe Roche Canter A - 5th Phoee Roche
Canter B - 2nd Nathan Harvey CAnter B - 3rd Nathan Harvey
CAnter B - 5th Chantal Simpson Canter B - Chantal Simpson


Between Phoebe, Chantal, Sarah and Nathan they took home three GOLD medals, 2 SILVER medals and five BRONZE medals.

Equestrian Queensland would like to take this opportunity of congratulating all of the Queenslanders on their outstanding results.







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