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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 08/05/2014.

Statement by the Chair of Equestrian Queensland

EQ LogoOn 18 March, as Chair of the Board, I circulated a statement relating to the dissolution of the former Eventing Committee.

To ensure clarity, the Equestrian Queensland Board confirms that there was no financial impropriety involving the activities undertaken by the former Eventing committee.

The Equestrian Queensland Board would also like to recognise the contributions made by Clare Fowler, David Duffy, Deb Postle, Kathy Humphrey and Pam McGarrigle during their time on the Eventing Committee. Whilst some of these individuals are currently having a break from a formal committee role, the Board understands each is maintaining an active interest in the discipline of Eventing and the Board would welcome each of these individuals back onto the Eventing committee in the future. 


Peter Toft

Chair of Equestrian Queensland

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