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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 20/10/2021.

Volunteer Thank U Series with Jessica Jenkins

Our Equestrian Queensland (EQ) Volunteer Thank U Series features each Month in the EQ e-news and on the EQ website and social media pages.

The series provides an opportunity for peer to peer recognition and to introduce dedicated volunteers from our equestrian community. We look forward to sharing experiences of volunteers, while encouraging others to join in volunteering in equestrian activities.

Congratulations to those who all received a certificate with their nomination last month.

This month we asked Jessica Jenkins from Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club what being a Volunteer means to her (see below EQ Volunteer Thank U Q&A).

To nominate and thank a volunteer, follow the link below. 

EQ Volunteer Thank U Nomination

To register and get involved in Equestrian Sport as a volunteer, visit our Volunteering webpage.


with Jessica Jenkins 

1. How did you first become involved in equestrian sport?
I became involved in Equestrian Sport at 8 years old when I first started riding and joined Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club. As FTP has always been a strong Eventing club I started
Eventing pretty much straight away on my pony. Not with any great success though as the pony didn't really love jumping, but coming from a non horsey family, she was my only
option, so I insisted she develop a passion for it!

2. What moment in equestrian sport are you most proud of?
My proudest Equestrian achievement, which has only been achieved with the help of many other key individuals, would be helping facilitate events at FTPEC that once again saw
record maximum entries and have nominations for most classes close within minutes of opening. This was through implementing changes to the cross country course and warm up spaces that encouraged riders and horses of every level and capability to be able to safely compete at the grounds. 

3. What is your most memorable experience as a volunteer? 
Most memorable experience from volunteering is just the long lasting friendships developed and the satisfaction of improving the sport for all participants. It is a gruelling task
volunteering your time and making great personal sacrifices to run events but incredibly
rewarding when you are helping to make the sport more enjoyable for people. 

4. What is one tip you have for others involved in equestrian sport?
My top tip for others in the sport is this, get involved in helping run events! Every little bit helps and if you would like to see a change for the better or think something could be
facilitated or implemented in a better fashion, then start with helping run an event first and get a feel for what is involved and how the process works. Sacrifice some time and effort to get in and help make a difference. It's hard work but beneficial and rewarding. 

5. What advice would you provide others to get involved as a volunteer?
Any place is a good place to start volunteering. You may think the effort is insignificant but every small input means someone else is having to do less, which is important to manage in volunteers. Little by little you can grow your experience and be able to help out and achieve more, but the key is to just get in and get started somewhere, with a positive attitude. 

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