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What is Interschool Queensland? A school only competition for Equestrian Queensland members, that provides opportunity to compete against competitors from other schools in your age group as a horse/rider combination. Interschool is based on the official EA rules in order to acquaint the riders with national competitive programme allowing for smooth transition.

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 Interschool Queensland 2014 Partners

Please visit their pages by clicking the links below to view their exclusive offers and information for Interschool Queensland.


Supporting Partner


Prydes Feed

Supporting Partner

Pryde's EasiFeed


Supporting Partner

Nandor Horse Floats have developed a new dressage trailer for IQ in 2014.




Interschool Queensland are committed to the continual development of the Interschool Equestrian Competition and educating our riders. Recently, Interschool Queensland have been giving back to our sport by providing the following equipment and education opportunities for our members.
·         South East Queensland Interschool Showcase – Introducing new riders to the sport and giving current IQ riders learning opportunities. Stay tuned for Showcases being run in the other regions!
·         Obtaining new, lighter SJ poles to replace old poles on the SJ equipment trailer that is based in the South East Queensland Region
·         Obtaining a NEW dressage trailer and 5 dressage arenas to be based in the Darling Downs Region
·         1000m of new bunting to be added to the dressage trailer that is based in the South East Queensland Region
·         Purchase of a  Portable Sound System/Microphone available for use by all our members currently housed at EQ Office
·        New Dressage Trailer and Arenas to be based in the North Queensland Region
·        Equestrian Skills assessment days being arranged in SEQ for Equestrian Skills program riders to be assessed
·        Assisting Dressage QLD to fund Judge Education to ensure the availability of judges for our IQ events in the future.  These events will allow for the attendance of our riders and parents so they can also receive some education from our judges and educators about Dressage judging.  
Note that the Equipment trailers can be used by any school wishing to run an Interschool event.
If you have any other suggestions as to how Interschool could improve your sport and further develop rider education please contact interschool@equestrianqld.com.au

Equipment Loans
Interschool QLD has various equipment which can be hired by Interschool affiliated schools or our regions. Included are walkie talkies, a PA system, signage, dressage trailer and a show jumping trailer. To book this equipment for your next Interschool event please email interschool@equestrianqld.com.au The walkie talkies, PA system and signage can be picked up from the Equestrian Queensland office at Sports House South while the dressage trailer and show jumping trailer are kept at Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Centre. All equipment must be returned with 48 hours of your event.  





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The Queensland Government provided $216,000 to
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