Membership - Recreational

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until 31 Dec 2022


until 31 Jan 2023

Membership - Join/Lapsed Fee 

after 31 Jan 2023

Recreational - Senior $125  $145  $200
Recreational - Junior*    $115  $130  $130

 All Senior members who join/renew after 31 January 2023 incur the $55.00 Joining/Lapsed Fee.. (Applicable to seniors 18+ only) 

What is a Recreational Member?

Recreational members are those who enjoy riding a horse in equestrian activities for pleasure, riding out or may be a member of an equestrian club. A Recreational member may have had limited association with EQ in the past and could be a member of an equestrian club that is outside of the seven EA sports and could participate at events within the closed club environment. 

A Recreational member is permitted to participate in 'restricted' closed club activities (see table below).



Closed Events: club activities for club members to compete against other members of the same club.