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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 14/06/2019.



The EA Eventing Rules require that helmets must be used in all phases of competition and must comply with the standards laid out in Annex N.

Effective 1 July 2019, Helmets will be inspected for compliance with minimum standards required by Annex N in the EA Eventing Rules and, if compliant, tagged with a yellow EA tag.

Helmet tagging is due to start in Queensland on the following dates -

Warwick Horse Trials, Morgan Park, will have a helmet tagging personnel available for competitors at their One Day Event next weekend, 22-23 June 2019. Details to come. Please note: It will NOT be mandatory to have a helmet tag at this event.

Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club 6-7 July 
Please note: At this event, helmet tags will be compulsory for the Show Jumping and Cross Country phases and there is an expectation that every effort should have been made to have your helmet tagged before your dressage. Due to the timing of the draw, there may be some exceptional circumstances meaning you were not able to have your helmet tagged beforehand.

EvQ Squad School 13-14 July

Tamborine Equestrian Group - TEG 26-28 July

Remember, the EA tag does not verify that the helmet is safe or in working order. It only verifies that the helmet complies with the specific standards as mandated by the EA Eventing Rules.

Riders are strongly encouraged to check their helmet regularly (even if it is tagged). Riders must immediately replace their helmets if they have been damaged or impacted in a fall.


538.1.1 Cross-Country Body Protector

Body protectors are compulsory for Cross-Country. A body protector manufactured after 2009 and labelled as complying to one of the following standards is mandatory:

EN13158:2009 Level 3

BETA 2009 Level 3

EN13158:2018 Level 3

BETA 2018 Level 3

Effective 1 January 2020

EA National Eventing Rules:…/Equestrian-Australia-Nation…

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