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Posted by Samantha Duffy on 15/03/2018.

Holden Home Ground Advantage

Get the Home Ground Advantage!

If there’s one thing that brings communities together — it’s sport. Which is why Holden started the Home Ground Advantage program in 2014 — to help grass roots sport grow.We know how difficult it can be to raise funds for projects like facility upgrades, new uniforms, equipment and even develop exceptional talent. With HGA we make it easier for your club to turn possibilities into reality!

What types of projects will be funded? 

Home Ground Advantage grant applications will be considered for the below:

  1. Tangible projects – including upgrading, constructing or improving facilities, upgrading or purchasing equipment, and buying uniforms and other assets
  2. Developing exceptional talent – including special coaching or funding for trips to compete or gain experience

Who’s able to apply?

Basically, any sporting club or community organisation that runs or supports sporting activities can apply. But to make sure, just check out our rules and guidelines.

Here’s how we can help

There’s $250,000 in cash grants up for grabs, so get going and apply now.

Applying for a Home Ground Advantage Grant

1. Work out what your project is and exactly how you'd spend the money.

2. Read the terms and conditions to ensure your club and project are eligible.

3. Print off the blank application form so you know what information to gather.

4. Once you have everything ready, head back to the website, fill out the online application form, upload any photos and paste in the YouTube URL for your video.

5. Check all the information carefully as, once it's submitted, no further changes or additions can be made.

 You're done

Need more help? Read our tips and tricks.

Applications Close 

31 March 2018





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