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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 26/07/2019.

Important Update Regarding IQ Numbers

From August 2019, Interschool Queensland will no longer be using IQ numbers at interschool competitions. Instead, horse/rider combinations will be allocated a bridle number for each competition, which will be released with the draw. You will simply need to use this bridle number for all classes at that competition.

But aren’t IQ numbers needed to identify riders?

When IQ numbers were first introduced there was no requirement for horses to be registered with EA. To help us monitor riders and horses who were competing in interschool event, IQ numbers were created and riders submitted forms to register these combinations. Over the years, interschool requirements have changed and our database has improved, meaning that the only purpose remaining for IQ numbers is for the judge to know which rider is in the competition ring.

So how will riders be identified now?

The organising committee will allocate a number for the horse/rider combination to use at that event (in the same way that each horse/rider combination is given a different number at Interschool Nationals, and similar to eventing competitions). These numbers will be listed on the draw so that the riders know which number to display at the competition.

Aren’t IQ numbers used to track results?

Historically, yes, this was a purpose of the IQ numbers. However, with the advances in technology (including the EA database and scoring systems) this is no longer the case- it is just as easy to search for results by name as it is a 4-digit IQ number.

Do I still need to register my horse for interschool?

It is a requirement that all horses competing in participant level interschool competitions are EA Base Registered. Participant level events include school run competitions and Regional Championships up to novice dressage, 1m jumping, and all CT, show horse and showman classes. All horses in competitive level events are required to be EA Life Registered. Competitive events include elementary & above dressage, and 1.05m jumping & above at school run competitions and Regional Championships and all classes at State and National Interschool Championships. These registrations can be done online.

What does this mean as an organising committee?

We hope that this will make your life easier! Rather than having to check that the correct IQ numbers have been entered, or trying to find missing IQ numbers, you can simply allocate them one to use at your competition. We recommend you allocate a bridle number per horse/rider combination, rather than for each class or discipline they are competing in.

You will still need to submit your entry checks to the EQ office, as we will continue to check horse & rider eligibility, however this new system should remove some of the stress of trying to check IQ numbers in addition to all of the other things organisers are busy doing!

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