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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 12/06/2019.

Show Horse Qualifying Process for the IQ State Team

There has been some confusion around the selection process proposed for the 2019 State Team for Show Horse due to the inclusion of an Intermediate section in Queensland. As Nationals only holds one secondary section there is a requirement to combine those riders for the State Team selection to align with the current National Competition.

To further explain the process, please see below the judging and scoring criteria that will be used;

Students will compete in their standard Intermediate or Senior classes to gain a 3 phase overall result for their state award as per previous years. These classes will be presented with trophies, rugs & other prizes as per all State Championship classes.

Those riders who wish to be considered for the Qld State Team to compete at Nationals in Sydney will also be required to enter the free Qualifier class that combines the Intermediate and Senior riders. We understand that due to a variety of reasons not all riders are in a position to attend Nationals, for example due to clashes with other Show Horse competitions, and therefore the Qualifier class is only compulsory if riders wish to attend Interschool Nationals. Riders who do not compete in the Qualifier class will not be eligible for selection for the Qld State Team. There are no ribbons or trophies presented for the qualifier class, it is purely a class to rank the riders for team selection.

The Qualifier class will include 1 Ridden Phase workout which will be judged by the same 3 judges as the earlier classes with the use of all 3 scoring systems; i.e. the Ridden judge will score as per the ridden phase score sheet, the Rider judge will score as per the rider phase score sheet and the Led phase judge will score as per the led phase score sheet.  The judges will be judging the same combination under the same scoresheet criteria as earlier in the day. 

The raw score out of 100 for the individual phases from the previous classes will be carried across to be added to the new qualifier score. This will now total a score out of 200 for each phase.  The highest 4 scores out of the combined workouts will be offered a place on the Queensland team. There will be no winner for each phase. All scores will be added together out of a maximum 600. Every rider will be ranked from 1st down to a minimum of 10th position as per the state team selection requirement.

If you have any questions please contact the Show Horse convenor, Megan Drynan at [email protected] 

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