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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 12/04/2018.

Congratulations to our Queenslanders at the Australian Eventing Championships

A record number of horse and rider combinations competed at the TRM Australian Eventing Championships at Equestriad. Congratulations to the very large number of Queensland competitors and their supporters who travelled more than 2000 kilometres to Camden NSW last weekend. 

Pryde's Easifeed Elite Squad Members Madeline Wilson on I'm Bruce in CIC3* had a super run and congratulations to Madison Simpson who had three horses in CIC 2* placing 4th on LV Elf and Mattea Davidson on Jaybee Viglantee who was the CIC 1* National Champion finishing on 29.90 penalties. 

CIC 2* Results

Kate Rogers placed 10th on Global Victory

Mattea Davidson placed 16th on APH Charlie Brown

Madison Simpson placed 19th on Fairbanks Casino and 35 on Adloo Galina

Rebel Morrow placed 23rd on QEB Supernova

Madeline Wilson placed 26th on Aces High

CIC 1* Results

Finn-Patrick McCoy placed 10th on Cildara Herald (Div A)

Rebel Morrow placed 3rd on Belrieve Ice Queen (Div B)

Tanya Schmidt placed 8 on Indarra Baci 

Madison Searle placed 11th on Miss Florentine

Courtney Foster placed 15th on Gattamelata HPS 

Melanie Hobi placed 18th on Finch Farm Chadwick

Charlotte Price placed 22nd on Amira

EVA105 Results

Luke Harmer placed 1st on Belcam La Canada (Div A)

Sarah English placed 6th on Grand Andi (Div A)

Georgia Rink placed 11th on Rosthwaite Venice Beach (Div A) 

Megan Drennan placed 2nd on Hilton (Div B)

Emily Rink placed 16 on Wade Equine Oki Doki (Div B)

Madeline Wilson placed 13th on Annie Jane (Div C)

Finn-Patrick McCoy placed 19th on Cera Conquest (Div C) 

EVA95 Results

Madison Searle placed 8th on Shaabam (Div A)

Madison Simpson placed 11th on Tiraumea Sportsman (Div A)

Timari Lau placed 14th on George O'Reilly (Div A)

Mattea Davidson placed 11 on HomeHill (Div C) 



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