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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 24/02/2016.

Nominating for IQ events

The 2016 competition season is underway and we are noticing that some important information is missing from nominations and so would like to help our riders and event organisers understand what all of the different numbers that are requested (we know there's a few!) look like.

Riders EQ membership number: 7 digit number, usually begins with a 4 or 1 (unless you have transferred to EQ from another state)

Horse EA number: 8 digit number, usually begins with a 4 or 6 (unless the horse was originally registered in another state). All horses competing in interschool should be either EA Base or Life Registered and will have been issued an EA number.

IQ number: 4 digit number that begins with a 4, 5 or 6 (this is a horse & rider combination number for interschool only- this is not the same as an official dressage bridle number)

School: the list of schools that have joined EQ for 2016 has now been updated on nominate, and so the drop down box will only show those that are current. If your school does not appear please contact the EQ office and we can check why your school is not showing on the list.

Please ensure you have all of these numbers to hand when you are entering an event- leaving this infomration blank or putting in the wrong numbers creates a lot of additional work for event organisers and EQ staff, and may mean you are contacted due to us not being able to find certain information.

Event organisers please ensure you make the following fields compulsory for your IQ events: rider name, rider EQ membership number, horse name, horse EA number, school, IQ number. When you send your entry checks to the office please send them in an excel spreadsheet and include the class name as we are required to check eligibility for 'above the line' classes. The addition of this information will help to ensure a quick turnaround of entry checks for your events.

If you are not sure what your horse or rider numbers are, please contact the EQ office on 3891 6611 or [email protected] and we can provide all required information.

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