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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 11/09/2020.

Reform of Equestrian Australia - EQ Member Release

Dear Equestrian Queensland members,

On Wednesday 9 September 2020, Equestrian Queensland (EQ) conducted an online members forum to discuss the Equestrian Australia (EA) Voluntary Administration process and the proposed changes to the EA Constitution.

EQ and our members continue to support the proposed amendments to the EA Constitution as published on 30 July 2020 as clause 39 in the table below.

We remain concerned that the current proposed amendments published on 16 August 2020 as clause 40 in the table above does not represent the expressed views of the majority of EA members. 

We welcome the recent assurances from Equestrian NSW and Equestrian Victoria that they will not use their veto right without the support of their members.

Yesterday, we wrote to all State Branch Chairs to seek their advice as to whether their Board and Branch would be willing to consider further revisions to the current draft EA Constitution to:

a)    include Clause 39 as proposed in the EA Draft Constitution published on 30 July 2020 and remove Clause 40 as published on 16 August 2020

b)    include Equestrian Northern Territory (ENT) as a recognised Branch with equal rights to that of other Branches in the EA Draft Constitution

c)     replace the proposed clause 40 as published on 16 August 2020 with:

‘This Constitution can only be altered by Special Resolution, which does not have any effect unless on the same resolution, a simple majority of at least four of the seven Branches vote in favour.’

Any changes to the current draft EA Constitution will require the support of all six state branches currently recognised in the EA Constitution (EWA, ESA, EVic, ENSW & ETas & EQ) ahead of the EA Special General Meeting (SGM) being held on Tuesday 15 September 2020.

Throughout this process we have continued to act in accordance with the wishes of our members - 99 per cent of whom voted in favor of the proposed reforms in the KordaMentha DoCA.

Finally, EQ is committed to working with the new transitional board for EA, the State and Territory Branches, the national discipline committees and members to deliver real and lasting reform of EA in the interest of all members.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the team at EQ if you have any questions on 07 3891 6611 or email [email protected]


Equestrian Queensland

David Finch, Chair

Corey Keable, Vice Chair

Sue Austin, Treasurer

Nick Ballard, Director

Jacqui Huppert, Director

Naomi Lane, Director

Jane Harms, Director


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