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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 09/02/2022.

Expressions of Interest sought from experienced professionals for the production of the exciting new EQ Fundamental Series

Equestrian Queensland (EQ) is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from experienced professionals (EA Coaches, QOTT Coaches/Re-trainers, OTT trainers, Veterinarians,  Equine Nutritionists and industry professionals) who are interested in being part of the production for the EQ Fundamental Series.

EQ Fundamental Series Project Aim

The EQ Fundamental Series will include educational videos to support Equestrian Queensland members and all equestrians on their journey of mastering the foundations to successfully re-train an OTT to be able to enter their first competition within Equestrian Sport.

This project has been funded by the Queensland Integrity Racing Commission (QRIC) Racing Animal Welfare Grant and will support the promotion of "life after racing", training and opportunities for new careers and enhance welfare and safety. The Equestrian Queensland (EQ) Fundamental Series initiative will promote high quality health care to retired racing
animals on their first transition from the racing industry.  
The EQ Fundamental Series will feature experienced presenters in each field and each video will be professionally filmed and edited.

Key Educational Videos

The EQ Fundamental Series will feature key educational topics presented by experienced professionals in each field.  Presenters will be required for the production / filming for each topic for approximately 1-2 hours and each video for the series will be edited to 10-30 minutes long.

Key Educational Topics
  1. Understanding OTT Behaviour
  2. The start of re-education with ground work
  3. Building confidence with consistent communication & training
  4. Problem solving - e.g. training the spooky / anxious horse
  5. Equine nutrition
  6. Veterinary / first aid
  7. Grooming  / presentation
  8. Saddle / gear fitting
  9. Floating / travelling
  10. Getting to your first competition / preparing for new environments

If you are interested in registering to be part of the EQ Fundamental Series, please register your interest by completing the EOI registration via the link below. 

Expressions of Interest will close COB Monday 21 February 2022

If you have any questions please contact the EQ team on 07 3891 6611 or [email protected]

EQ Fundamental Series EOI Registration

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