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Posted by Equestrian Queensland on 05/09/2017.


In our sport the welfare and safety of participants and horses is of paramount importance, as such a new concussion protocol has been released for immediate implementation for all eventing activities with a strong recommendation that these be applied to all events..


The intention of these guidelines is to assist organising committees and technical officials as to the provision of medical care at eventing competitions consistent with the rules for eventing.

Where a conflict exists between the rules and the guidelines the provisions of the rules shall prevail.

Concussion Protocol

In the event of a fall where impact to the head is suspected the rider should be assessed for concussion using the SCAT 5 tool-in the event that concussion is diagnosed then a mandatory suspension from competition for 21 days will apply. If there is any doubt then, on request, the competitor can be re-examined after 2 hours and if concussed the mandatory suspension will be imposed

  • Doctors / Paramedics must advise officials at the event of any concussions
  • Officials will advise rider (or guardian) of the suspension applying and will issue a concussion card to the person monitoring the rider.
  • Riders can have mandatory suspensions reduced or removed by providing written confirmation from a Medical Practitioner that they are completely symptom free.
  • Officials will advise Kirsty Pasto ([email protected]) of the concussion occurring and a record of the concussion will be kept centrally and circulated with the sanctions list weekly to state eventing  co-ordinators for the purpose of managing the suspension


Scat 5 Tool

Concussion Card

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