Para Equestrian Leaderboard

2021 Para Equestrian Leaderboard Winner




The criteria for the 2021 Para Equestrian Leaderboard, is as follows:-

  1. Athletes must hold a classification card to be on the leader board – this classification card can either be an EA card or FEI.  
  2. Scores have to be attained from events holding EA classes either Competitive or Participant classes with two judges. This would include interschool events in Queensland, interstate official events and international events.
  3. Scores can be taken from EA Tests Preliminary, Novice, Elementary etc, EA Para Dressage Tests (this will be preferred over the EA tests) and FEI PE tests held in Queensland.  If submitting FEI PE Test scores, then they must be in your Grade i.e. if you are classified as a Grade III Para Equestrian then the scores submitted, can be from any Grade III FEI PE tests.  Minimum scores of 55% will be accepted. 
  4. No "participant", “open” or “restricted “club days or club day classes count.
  5. Scores must be taken from 2 different events – can’t use two scores from the one event.
  6. Scores will be taken from combinations only.  You can have more than one combination on the leader board.
  7. You don’t go on the leader board until you have attained 2 scores with each combination.
  8. Athletes FEI official scores in Queensland will be taken from the EA database.  Interschool events and interstate scores, athletes must send in proof of performance, either copy of test sheet or result sheet.  
  9. Athletes must send in proof of performance if intending to use participant classes -  either copy of the test sheet or copy of the result sheet.
  10. Athletes must be current financial members – either Competitive or Participant.
  11. There will be only one leaderboard winner, with FEI athletes receiving a ranking on FEI scores of 1.04.  Example if you get 65% in an FEI event this will be equal to 67.6%.
  12. Results must be received by Equestrian Queensland by no later than 31 October. 

Any enquiries and all results with supporting documentation can be emailed to [email protected].

Good luck everyone!

2019 Para Equestrian Leaderboard Winner